Leo Taurus Compatibility

Leo and Taurus are both powerful & hard working signs who can learn to grow together & achieve goals efficiently as a team. Being utterly practical, they lay great importance on money, but for different reasons. Taurus aims to attain financial security, stability and a quality life for themselves and their family. Leo, on the other contrary, wants endless money & a grand majestic lifestyle like a king. Power and fame follow the flow of money & hold great value for Leo, but not so for Taurus.

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Taurus & Leo have different working styles. Taurus love to plan everything & proceed in an organized fashion. However, experimentation is not their cup of tea. Leo prefers being imaginative and more daring & risk taking as compared to Taurus. Their leadership skills can push Taurus behind easily. Although Taurus is naturally not interested in leading, in case of a tussle, they can become perverse & rigid towards their opinions. Leo considers themselves to be superior to others and cannot tolerate disobedience. In such cases, to find a middle ground for compromise can be tough.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

The peace loving Taurus and fiery, passionate Leo form an interesting love match. Their romantic sides have little in common, yet they possess the same expectations from their partner. Both Taurus and Leo expect complete obedience, respect, and undisputed faithfulness from their partners. For Leo, this should be in the form of admiration, idolizing, and reverence. Taurus, on the contrary, becomes too suspicious when showered with compliments. They tend to look deeper to find the true motive behind the flattery. Thus, pleasing a Leo native is hard, but pleasing a Taurus native is much harder.

Taurus wishes to receive honest service, purity of emotions and truthfulness in a relationship. Leo also wants that along with immense adoration towards self. Their expectations are very high & thus, they never feel truly satisfied by the actions of their lover, resulting in constant complaints of dissatisfaction.
The sexual compatibility between Taurus and Leo is usually good and even grand, at times. They are likely to have a scintillating experience in bed. Taurus admires physical beauty, exoticism, and brilliance, while Leo knows the art of glamming things up. While both try to make things look great & their fashionable best, in the long run, Leo may find Taurus to be boring & Taurus would find Leo’s showing off to be fake & unreal.

Yet Taurus admires Leo for their single mindedness, courage, and confidence, while Leo finds Taurus extremely trustworthy & loyal. With slight adjustments in their expectations & adjustments in love and relationships, the two can enjoy a beautiful match & lovely compatibility as partners.
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