Leo-Aries Compatibility

Leo and Aries are egoistic, powerful, and confident signs. Both these signs prefer to dominate in a relation, as a rule. Unquestionably, they eventually move in to a battle of superiority & competitive clashes in a relationship. Since, none of them is willing to give up on the top spot in their partnership together, things are likely to spiral out of hand. While Leo longs to rule the world, Aries is a born leader.

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The only way for them to stick together is if occasionally, one of them is willing to sacrifice the lead role. This would result in a spontaneous development of warmth in their bond. In order to gain compatibility, both of them would need to focus on their own weaknesses & bring out the best in the other. While Leo would have to let go of their love for attention, Aries would have to understand that not everything in life is about winning.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Both Aries and Leo are enthusiastic signs who celebrate life like a festival. When these fiery signs come together, something spectacular is bound to happen. The level of attraction between these two signs is instantly aggressive, passionate and, in most cases, very powerful. They find each other to be dependable & a bond of trust & security is instantly formed.

The two signs seek loyalty from their partners & adulteration has a direct influence on their ego and pride. Even violent exchanges are possible if such a situation arises. They are both aware of their own touchy natures & thus, can make very loyal partners.

There is a large possibility for the two signs to explore a blissful bond, if only they are willing to compromise to some extent. Letting their ego and pride take a backseat would help Aries and Leo partners stay together for long, even for a lifetime in marital bliss. If such compromises are ignored, then quarrels & arguments will poison their beautiful relation sooner than they know. They both have to choose between victory & love, & only then move further in a relationship.