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Revati Nakshatra

Revati Nakshatra is the twenty-seventh Nakshatra in the series of the lunar constellations or Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. All four quarters or padas of this Nakshatra fall under the zodiac sign of Pisces. It is the last in the series of the Nakshatras and is connected with enlightenment and liberation. It is a very lucky, optimistic and benevolent Nakshatra.

Symbol: Pair of fish, drum

A pair of fish as a symbol of Revati Nakshatra also represents the last sign of Pisces, which is water sign. It signifies the journey of human soul in the spiritual realm. Fish also represents fertility and growth and this Nakshatra symbolizes both endings and new beginnings. Drum was used in the era of Kings and rulers to announce important information to the masses and as a symbol of this Nakshatra, it represents communication. Natives born in this Nakshatra have pleasing social personalities.

Knowing the Characteristics

People born under Revati Nakshatra have a pleasant and beautiful appearance. They are amicable, soft spoken and loving. They are highly compassionate and caring people and always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. Their positive bent of mind makes them easier to recover from setbacks and they remain calm and composed even in the most difficult of situations. They are spiritual and have deep faith and devotion in God. They are very sincere in their relationships and always receive support from others. They have a lot of interest in arts, literature, music etc. and are highly creative themselves. Their talent, intelligence and communication skills make them achieve success in their life and they are usually considered to be wealthy people.

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Know in detail about Revati Nakshatra

  Translation   The wealthy
  Symbol   A pair of fish, drum
  Animal Symbol   A female elephant
  Presiding Deity   Pushan, the nurturer and protector
  Controlling/Ruling Planet   Mercury
  Ruling Deity of the Planet   Vishnu
  The 4 Quarters of Revati Nakshatra  
  1st quarter   Ruled by Jupiter
  2nd quarter   Ruled by Saturn
  3rd quarter   Ruled by Saturn
  4th quarter   Ruled by Jupiter
  Nature   Deva (God-like)
  Mode   Balanced
  Number   27
  Gender   Female
  Dosha   Kapha
  Guna   Satwik
  Element   Ether
  Disposition   Mild and tender
  Bird   Kestrel
  Common Name of the Tree   Madhuca
  Botanical Name of the Tree   Madhuca indica
  Seed Sounds   De, Do, Cha, Chi


The Ruling Planet of Revati Nakshatra (Graha Devta): Mercury

Graha Devta is the one who gives the ability to understand the nature of the planet so that we can work based on that planet in our chart. Based on Vedic Astrology, the Graha Devta or Ruling Planet for the Revati Nakshatra is Mercury which blesses the natives of this Nakshatra with strong intuition, creative intelligence and excellent communication skills. They are well groomed and sophisticated and have great planning skills and do well as counselors, entertainers, actors, air hostesses, event managers, urban planners, astrologers, publishers, editors etc. However, in case of ill placed Mercury or Moon, they could be over sensitive, dependent and lazy.

The energy source of Revati Nakshatra (Adhi Devta): Pushan

The Adhi Devta gives mental clarity about the ruling planet and through them, we can come in contact with the divine energy source of the planet. The Adhi devta of Revati Nakshatra is Pushan who is the nourisher and the deity who ensures the safe travel of animals and souls back to their true abode. He is considered to be the most and gentle and selfless of all deities, hence the natives of this Nakshatra are found to be sincerely compassionate towards human beings and animals. They also get a lot of opportunities to travel and benefit from them.

Presiding Deity of Revati Nakshatra (Pratyadi Devta): Pashupatinath

Pratyadi Devta helps us understand the function of the Nakshatra and the planet in our birth chart, and has total command over the functions related to the Nakshatras placed in the birth chart. The presiding deity of Revati Nakshatra is lord Pashupatinath and natives of this Nakshatra get benefited by worshipping him.

Gender: Female

Gender of any Nakshatra is used in Vedic astrology for matchmaking but if we deeply analyze this, we come to know a rather fascinating fact that the gender signifies our mental inclination towards material things and how we manipulate life’s challenges for our survival. The gender of Revati Nakshatra is female and natives of this Nakshatra have innate qualities of providing care, love and nourishment to everyone around them. They have a special affection for small animals and like to take care of them. They are kind and understanding and are able to maintain long lasting relationships.

Dosha: Kapha

Dosha represents which type of disease will affect the native. Revati Nakshatra natives are dominated by Kapha. The main function of Kapha is to protect the body by holding the muscle, bone and fat together. Natives born under this Nakshatra need to take care of this dosha so that their vitality is maintained. Stomach ache, indigestion, and lack of appetite could bother them and lead to health issues.

Guna: Sattwa

In Indian philosophy, there are three Gunas, known as - Sattwa, Rajas, and Tamas. These are known as the three processes that build a successful life. The guna of Revati Nakshatra is Satvik. Natives of this Nakshatra are knowledgeable, learned and wealthy. They are emotional, kind hearted and helpful.

Element: Ether

Revati Nakshatra is governed by the Ether element. Ether represents the divine silence, where all the creation happens. Ether element gives the ability to have new ideas and inceptions. Natives of this Nakshatra are philosophical, imaginative and creative. However, at times they could be lazy and fragile in temperament.

Bird: Kestrel

Birds are the highly spiritual creatures, which came into life to give us the message from the universe. Each Nakshatra has a particular bird symbol, which shows us that the energy related to that bird is residing within us related to that particular constellation/Nakshatra. The bird symbolic to Revati Nakshatra is Kestrel. The Kestrel teaches us to act at the right time and have patience to wait for the right opportunity. The natives of this Nakshatra know how to use their strengths for success like the Kestrel bird does.

First letter for naming Revati Nakshatra born baby – De, Do, Cha, Chi

The first letter of the name also produces a vibration, which is connected with the individual, as per the Vedas. It is advisable to choose a name with the letter that creates harmony between the human and the Universe, so that the native gets every happiness and success, promised in his birth chart. This is akin to us coming in the network coverage area of the Nakshatra we are born under, and thus getting a proper signal from it, which helps us rejuvenate and connect better with the world.

The first letter for a baby born in Revati Nakshatra could be De, Do, Cha, Chi.

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