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Ashwini Nakshatra

The very first among the lunar constellations or Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology, is the Ashwini Nakshatra. As the first star under the cycle, this Nakshatra holds the energy of the beginnings. The planet Ketu, the descending South Lunar Node, rules this Nakshatra astronomically. The shadow planet Ketu is known for being infinitely mysterious and giving unpredictable results that intrigue us.

The Vedic Moon Sign Aries comes under the Ashwini Nakshatra, and the individuals born under this Nakshatra will possess an innate healing energy and thus would have the ability to heal others. They would also possess the ability to initiate or pioneer new ideas and activities.

Characteristics of Ashwini Nakshatra:

The natives born under Ashwini Nakshatra have a natural inclination towards joining a career in medicine or being in touch with tasks that would let them help heal others. They also have an innate nature of possessing a healing nature, and at times might also take the help of prayers to enhance a health situation in someone’s life. The rulers of this Nakshatra, the Ashwini Kumaras, are known as the twin physicians in Vedic Astrology, and they are the reason for bestowing the power of healing upon Ashwini natives. The natives of the Ashwini Nakshatra have a glowing appearance, and an ageless personality that comes bundled with a charming innocence very few have. With the power to save within themselves the energy of beginnings, the natives also have the ability to pioneer ideas and activities, be it new or anything they are already associated with. The most quickest of Nakshatras, Ashwinis are known to be straight-forward, to-the point, confident, and independent, thus disliking to be tamed or dominated. They must stay cautious to not begin something which they might not be able to finish, and shift their focus towards self-improvement so that they feel different from the mass, and shine like a spontaneous star with all their intelligence and sincerity.

To know which Nakshatra you have been born into, sign up so that you can it out, and then go through the descriptive details, to know yourself better.

Know in detail about the characteristics of the Ashwini Nakshatra:

Translation "Born of a Horse" or "Horsewoman"
Symbol A Horse’s Head
Animal Symbol A Male Horse
Presiding Deity Ashwini Kumaras
Controlling Planet Ketu
Ruling Deity of Ketu Ganesha
The 4 Quarters/Padas of Ashwani Nakshatra  
1st quarter/pada Ruled by Mars
2nd quarter/pada Ruled by Venus
3rd quarter/pada Ruled by Mercury
4th quarter/pada Ruled by Moon
Nature Deva (God-like)
Mode Active
Number 1
Gender Male
Dosha Vata
Guna Sattwa
Element Earth
Disposition Moveable
Bird Wild Eagle
Common Name of the Tree Nuxvomica Tree
Botanical Name of the Tree Strychnosnuxvomica
Seed Sounds Chu, Che, Cho, La


This table will help you know Ashwini Nakshatra ’s various facets, and thus let you understand it better, letting you discover the strengths and weakness that you might possess if you are born under this constellation. Each of the Nakshatras is also divided into Four Quarters or Padas, that let us know the in-depth characteristics of the person born under it. Each quarter is ruled by a particular planet, and gives a native different characteristics as per the position in their birth chart.

Let us now discuss the above information in details for a deeper understanding.

Symbol: Horse’s Head

The native-born under this constellation would like to finish every work quickly and without much ado. They would be always ready for adventure and would possess a competitive nature.


The Ruling Planet of the Ashwini Lunar Constellation:

The planet ‘KETU’, in the South Lunar Node, as per Astronomy, is the ruling planet for the Ashwini constellation. This Node is the intersection point in space in the apparent orbit of the Sun and Moon around the Earth, and called the eclipse point. The South Node Ketu reveals the past karmic baggage that we have brought with us from our past lives. Therefore, the house in which the Moon sign is placed in “Ashwini constellation” in your birth chart, would show your expertise in matters related to that house.

The Planet ‘Sun’ is the purest (SATVIK) one among all the planets. In the ‘Rig Veda’, Ketu is related with the flame of the Sun God. This signifies that KETU burns all the material sides and of life with his flame, and the flame will burn everything that encounters it. This is the reason why wherever Ketu is present in the birth chart, Ashwini constellation will detach the native from materialistic life. They will thus become spiritual and generous, and be inclined towards the quest for self-fulfillment. With the influence of the planets Saturn or Jupiter, it might also make the native believe in the ideologies and simple life of a monk.

Ketu is also known for the mysterious capability, and so, the native born in the Ashwini Moon sign will have a secretive nature, and will hide their identity in front of society. Ketu will also give the intuitive ability to think out of the box that might not be acceptable by the society easily.


The Presiding Deity of Ashwini Nakshatra (Adhi Devta): Ashwini Kumaras

The Adhi Devta is the one who gives mental clarity about the planet, and through it, we can be exposed to the energy source related to that planet. Ashwini Kumaras, the twin sons of the Sun God, are also known for possessing healing qualities. So, the people born with Moon in the Ashwini Constellation as per their birth chart will get the quality of healing within themselves. They can thus work as doctors, physiotherapist, counsellors, psychologists, or social workers, etc., and choose a profession that has the magical capability to rejuvenate the life of others.

People born under this Nakshatra look younger as per their real age and would have a charming face. They would love music and nurture every kind of literary ambition.


Ruling Deity of Ashwini Nakshatra (Pratyadi Devta): Ganpati

Pratyadi Devta is the one who helps us understand the function of the Nakshatra and planet in the birth chart, and has total command on the functions related to that Nakshatra placed in the birth chart. “Lord Ganesha” is the presiding deity of the Ashwini Nakshatra. Flag/Dhwaja is one the signification of Ketu, and so “Dhwaja Ganpati” should be worshipped as a presiding deity for Ashwini Nakshatra. There are various forms of Ganpati, among which the “Dwaja Ganpati” is for Ketu. The native-born in Ashwini Nakshatra should worship Ganesha for prosperity and success in life.

Gender of the Ashwini Nakshatra- Male

Since the gender of this Nakshatra is Male, the natives born under this constellation will have the ability to work as a strong and brave man, regardless of whether they are males or females.

Dosha: Vata

Vata is what governs the movements in our body and the process of our thinking ability. A native with strong Moon in the Ashwini Nakshatra will have good mental strength and possess a healthy and energetic body.

Doing physical exercise is considered good for the natives of Ashwini Nakshatra, during times of stress.

Guna: Sattwa

In Vedic culture, there are three Guna(s) known as Sattwa, Rajas, and Tamas, which are the three processes to lead a successful life. Ashwini Nakshatra has the Sattwa Guna that makes the native follow their duties with honesty.

Element: Earth

Ashwini Nakshatra with its earthy element gives a strong foundation in life. Apart from this, it also gives and a good amount of knowledge, which can not be gained easily otherwise.

Bird: Eagle

Birds are highly spiritual creatures and each Nakshatra has a particular bird symbol that depicts the energy related to that bird, which is innately present within us, as per the particular Constellation/Nakshatra that we are born into. The bird symbol for the Ashwini Nakshatra is the Eagle.

The Eagle has the ability to see everything at one time because it can soar to heights which other bird cannot. This makes them see minute details even which are far away from sight. Natives born in this Ashwini Nakshatra have the ability to analyze the inner weakness and strength to achieve the target in life, and observe minute details, which might be hidden to others. If we observe, we will see that the Eagle has four toes, and this is the symbol of a strong foundation. This also signifies being in the GANDANTA NAKSHATRA. The natives of the Ashwini Nakshatra will get a strong foundation and receive great success and financial gains in their lives, with the persistent nature they have.


The first letter for choosing a name for people born under the Ashwini Nakshatra:

Vedic Astrology lays great emphasis on the importance of naming a person, and it is taken care of shortly after a baby is born. Everyone born under different Nakshatras and Moon Signs, are to be named as per their birth chart suggests, keeping various parameters in mind.

Just like the classical Raga, the first letter of the name also produces the vibration, which is connected with the native. Giving the name with the letter creates the harmony between the particular Nakshatra you are born into and the Universe. This is so that the native will receive every happiness and success as promised in his birth chart. In literal terms, it is akin to coming into the network coverage area of that Nakshatra, and thus getting a proper signal that makes work easier. The letters that are apt for the natives born under the Ashwini Nakshatra are Chu, Che, Cho, La.

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