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Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra is the twenty-sixth Nakshatra in the series of the lunar constellations or Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. All four quarters or padas of this Nakshatra falls under the zodiac sign of Pisces. There is a sense of auspiciousness attached to this Nakshatra since Pisces is ruled by the benevolent Jupiter.

Symbol: Back legs of funeral cot, snake in the water

The back legs of a funeral cot as a symbol of Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra refers to death, dreams and going deep in spiritual consciousness. It also indicates that the natives born in this Nakshatra will undergo transformation in the later part of life. Snake in the water as a symbol represents awakening and gradual progress on the spiritual path.

Knowing the Characteristics

People born under Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra have a calm and serene appearance, mature thinking and peaceful demeanor. They are attractive, highly disciplined and able to control their anger and aggression. They are financially successful and get to handle a lot of wealth in their life. They receive huge wealth in the form of gift or inheritance in the latter half of their life. They are merciful, virtuous and have a self-sacrificing nature. They are intuitive and psychic and have the wisdom to raise their consciousness towards higher spiritual goals. They generally have a successful married life and are blessed with a happy home and good children. They are protective of their loved ones and are able to provide support and nourishment.

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Know in detail about Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra

  Translation   The latter lucky feet
  Symbol   Twins, Back legs of funeral cot, Snake in the water
  Animal Symbol   Cow
  Presiding Deity   Ahir Bhudhanya, the serpent connected to Kundalini
  Controlling/Ruling Planet   Saturn
  Ruling Deity of the Planet   Hanuman
  The 4 Quarters of Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra  
  1st quarter   Ruled by Sun
  2nd quarter   Ruled by Mercury
  3rd quarter   Ruled by Venus
  4th quarter   Ruled by Mars
  Nature   Manushya (human)
  Mode   Balanced
  Number   26
  Gender   Male
  Dosha   Pitta
  Guna   Tamasic
  Element   Ether
  Disposition   Fixed
  Bird   Kotan
  Common Name of the Tree   Bakul
  Botanical Name of the Tree   Borsalli
  Seed Sounds   Du, Tha, Jha, Jna


The Ruling Planet of Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra (Graha Devta): Saturn

Graha Devta is the one who gives the ability to understand the nature of the planet so that we can work based on that planet in our chart. Based on Vedic Astrology, the Graha Devta or Ruling Planet for the Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra is Saturn which blesses the natives of this Nakshatra with immense patience and endurance. They have a lot of maturity, are slow, thoughtful, and controlled in performing their tasks. They have good oratory skills and are intelligent and responsible. Saturn also makes them a strict believer of their principles and gives a sense of duty and commitment.

The energy source of Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra (Adhi Devta): Ahir Bhudhanya

The Adhi Devta gives mental clarity about the ruling planet and through them, we can come in contact with the divine energy source of the planet. The Adhi devta of Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra is Ahir Bhudhanya, who is the Serpent of the sea and part of Lord Shiva’s army. He has control over the cosmic energy and channelizes the energy which is residing in the Kundalini of every being. Natives born in this Nakshatra have a warrior like nature and the spiritual power which guides their own life and heals others as well.

Presiding Deity of Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra (Pratyadi Devta): Lord Narsimha

Pratyadi Devta helps us understand the function of the Nakshatra and the planet in our birth chart, and has total command over the functions related to the Nakshatras placed in the birth chart. The presiding deity of Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra is lord Narsimha. Lord Narsimha is one of the ten avatars of lord Vishnu and is known for his fierceness and aim to restore Dharma and righteousness in the world. Natives of this Nakshatra are interested in charitable work and involve themselves in non-profit organizations.

Gender: Male

Gender of any Nakshatra is used in Vedic astrology for matchmaking but if we deeply analyze this, we come to know a rather fascinating fact that the gender signifies our mental inclination towards material things and how we manipulate life’s challenges for our survival. The gender of Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra is male and natives of this Nakshatra are courageous and balanced. However, if Moon in this Nakshatra is afflicted, they can be short tempered, highly passionate and aggressive.

Dosha: Pitta

Dosha represents which type of disease will affect the native. Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra natives are dominated by Pitta. Pitta represents the metabolism in the body and has the characteristic to transform food and water into energy through digestion. Natives of this Nakshatra should try to avoid hot temperatures and foods and consume cool and dry foods. They should try to try to incorporate moderation in their diet and activities in general.

Guna: Tamasic

In Indian philosophy, there are three Gunas, known as - Sattwa, Rajas, and Tamas. These are known as the three processes that build a successful life. The guna of Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra is Tamasic. Natives of this Nakshatra could be self-centered, lazy, withdrawn and prone to addictions.

Element: Ether

Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra is governed by the Ether element. Ether represents the divine silence, where all the creation happens. Ether element gives the ability to have new ideas and inceptions. Natives of this Nakshatra are expansive, imaginative and creative. However, at times they could be passive and elusive.

Bird: Kotan

Birds are the highly spiritual creatures, which came into life to give us the message from the universe. Each Nakshatra has a particular bird symbol, which shows us that the energy related to that bird is residing within us related to that particular constellation/Nakshatra. The bird symbolic to Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra is Kotan. Natives born in the Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra always like to be connected with nature.

First letter for naming Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra born baby – Du, Tha, Jha, Jna

The first letter of the name also produces a vibration, which is connected with the individual, as per the Vedas. It is advisable to choose a name with the letter that creates harmony between the human and the Universe, so that the native gets every happiness and success, promised in his birth chart. This is akin to us coming in the network coverage area of the Nakshatra we are born under, and thus getting a proper signal from it, which helps us rejuvenate and connect better with the world.

The first letter for a baby born in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra could be Du, Tha, Jha, Jna.

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