Nakshatra Reading


Each planet in your horoscope has a Nakshatra (constellation) position whereby it shapes your personality, instincts and attitude, as well as the connections and relationships you make in life. 

For instance, the Nakshatra is a great tool to find out the spouse/partner, business partners, friends as well as foes that you will have in life. It is but a fact that we form friendships and connections with usually the same class of Nakshatras. Likewise there are certain Nakshatras and name letters with whom you will feel very challenged and difficult to exist with.  

The Nakshatra position is also a boon when interpreting the horoscope of identical twins & events that happen in quick succession as it is a great differentiator for people born under the same Moon sign, Ascendant (lagna) and planetary position.


How does a Nakshatra Reading work?


  • Each planet, Moon Sign & your Ascendant is placed in a Nakshatra which has unique and, many times, different and defining roles compared to what the zodiac placement of the planets appears to be. 
  • A Nakshatra span is 13.20 degrees, compared to 30 degrees in a Zodiac sign, and the influencing planets are two (main lord & sub-lord) compared to a single planet portfolio under the Zodiac reading.
  • The precision and effects of a planet are connected by its ownership, relationships as well as sub & main lordship of a Nakshatra. This leads to answers that sometimes elude astrologers when they analyse birthcharts based simply on Zodiac signs.


How do the 27 Nakshatras shape a person’s life?

There are a total of 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. The spread of Zodiac which is divided into these 27 Nakshatras is as follows. You can click on their names to read more.

Ashwini   Nakshatra Bharani   Nakshatra Krittika   Nakshatra Rohini   Nakshatra Mrigashira   Nakshatra
Ardra   Nakshatra Punarvasu   Nakshatra Pushya   Nakshatra Ashlesha   Nakshatra Magha   Nakshatra
Purva   Phalguni   Nakshatra Uttara   Phalguni   Nakshatra Hasta   Nakshatra Chitra   Nakshatra Swati   Nakshatra
Vishakha   Nakshatra Anuradha   Nakshatra Jyeshtha   Nakshatra Mula    Nakshatra Purva Ashada   Nakshatra
Uttara   Ashada   Nakshatra Shravana   Nakshatra Dhanishta   Nakshatra Shatabhisha   Nakshatra Purva   Bhadrapada   Nakshatra
Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra Revati Nakshatra


Benefits of Nakshatra Reading

The Nakshatra Astrology report is a unique effort to explain those facets of your personality and fortune that got glossed over during a normal Zodiac sign reading. This report focuses on:

  • Nakshatra positions of your Moon Sign, Ascendant & all 9 planets, with detailed effects & influence their positions have on you.
  • The main Nakshatra placement, i.e. of your Moon, & results thereof.
  • Sounds or letters that are lucky for you according to your nakshatra.
  • Friendships & relationships you will have in life - spouse/partner, friends, buisness partner.
  • Your lucky periods of life.
  • Certain Nakshatras & name letters with whom you will feel very challenged & difficult to exist with.
  • A detailed forecast up to 5 years.
  • Suggestions & remedies to overcome tough periods.


We hope you will discover a new ‘you’ under the Nakshatra Prism!


Helpful Tips:

  • Nakshatra positions & their detailed effects on you.
  • Relationships you will form in life - spouse/partner, friends, business partner.
  • Sounds or letters that are lucky for you.
  • Your lucky periods of life.
  • Detailed forecast up to 5 years.
  • Remedies for tough periods.

Report Size:

12 Pages