Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility


Pisces has an imaginative, creative and dreamy approach towards their career and work. Aquarius natives, on the other hand, are more logical, analytical and practical. A professional pairing of Pisces and Aquarius can be extremely good, albeit with some challenges.

Together, Pisces and Aquarius can bring quite dissimilar and opposite qualities in the mix, and this could be rather fruitful for their work, especially if it demands lots of creativity and unbound thinking. Both the partners, however, will have to manage financial decisions with extra care and caution.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Water sign Pisces and Air sign Aquarius are diametrically opposite to each other, and this is, perhaps, one of the reasons that fires attraction between these two signs and brings them closer. Yet, their markedly different love natures and diverse treatment of relationship and marriage could soon cause trouble in the paradise, if they are not careful.

Pisces is emotional, sentimental and hopelessly romantic by nature. Aquarius, on the other hand, is practical, detached and freedom loving, even in committed relationships. When they pair up, their dissimilar expectations from love, romance and relationships begin to give rise to disappointments. Pisces feels their Aquarius lover is superficial, cool and not attached to them beyond the pleasures of the flesh. Aquarius does not understand the emotional drama and mysticism that surrounds the life of their Pisces lover.

Sexual union between Aquarius and Pisces could be complicated and turbulent. Pisces wants love making that is spiritual, deep and mystifying. For Aquarius, sex is only for pleasure, recreation and fun. This relationship can frizzle out because of bad sexual chemistry.

From their Pisces lover, Aquarius can learn to love with sacrifice and understand the world beyond that which is visible from a staunchly realistic lens. If Aquarius is ready to work out the differences, Pisces will repay them multifold with a love relationship that has all the elements of care, affection and loyalty only seen in fairytales. From their Aquarius lover, Pisces can learn to let go some of their sufferings and sensitivity. Pisces can get lots of intellectual stimulation and thrill they crave in the arms of their Aquarius lover. This love match is not really an easy, conventional one, but there is a hidden spark of true love hiding in somewhere. Both the partners will have to try hard to make this one successful.