Aquarius Scorpio Compatibility

Saturn is the ruling planet of Aquarius moon sign and Mars is the ruling planet of Scorpio moon sign. Your emotional natures and requirements are different from each other so it may cause difference of opinion or conflict between moon sign till they take steps to understand each other’s feelings and needs and try to work to solve out the difference and accept each other. Both the moon signs are both fixed in your own ways and they are not receptive to changing unless it is on their own terms.


Scorpio moon sign and Aquarius moon sign have different way of perception towards every aspect of life so to maintain the work compatibility it is essential that both the moon signs will have to eye to eye with each other. This will include lot of compromises on both sides but it will be a very difficult task of adjustments between the two. The idea of making working compatibility good between the two moon signs will only be possible on the mutual understanding and clear communication over small matters will be beneficial.


Despite a lot of difference in variations of the thinking process of both the moon signs Scorpio and Aquarius they will be very good planners in their financial stability. Both the moon signs have a good sense of calculation of money income and expenses where they both like to keep control of finances in their hands. There will be good planning and executing of money plans will give good financial backup and wealth retention.


Scorpio and Aquarius moon signs are both are daring and they will avoid being dominated by either partners. Scorpio Moon will be attracted to Aquarius Moon's due to its sharp intellect and disregard of social norms. Aquarius Moon will be attracted to Scorpio Moon's ability to read the message in between the lines and see the potential of any situation in which two people come together as partners. Both the moon signs have the flair of being opposite to each other but when they enter into a relationship it becomes a problem for both to handle two strong energies. So either avoid this relationship or work with honesty for the betterment of this relationship.


Both the moon signs will give importance to the place of family and children in any couple life where all emotions are bagged over a number of relationships with one emotion. Scorpio and Aquarius moon sign will be good parents with their active participation in children activity but children of these two moon sign will turn out to be little rebels for their parents.


Both the moon signs will never be in an agreement with each other and will always have their paths crossed by their tantrums. So if both of the moon signs are into family relationships with each other strongly then they will have to learn to walk parallel to each other. Family and children will require peaceful atmosphere and for the betterment of home environment both the natives will have to work over their differences. Scorpio moon sign will be the native that will take the strong initiative to make the relationship work.


Scorpio moon will be confident and demonstrative in their physical actions and will like the Aquarius partner to be seductive in the actions and endearments before the physical intimacy. Aquarius partner on the other hand will like to have immediate sexual relationship without any preamble and will search for physical and sexual gratification without any emotion which is disappointing for Scorpio moon sign on emotional level but physical satisfaction is absolute. Both moon signs will have good strong passionate sexual relationship.