Aquarius Aquarius Compatibility


Ruled by master planet Saturn, Aquarius is the sign that rules freedom, new thinking and liberty. Aquarius natives are not traditionalists in any way. They like to bring change and improvements in whatever they dip their feet into. Working with another Aquarius native who shares their working style and ideology can, in many ways, be a great advantage.

While discussing ideas and plans, Aquarius natives will feel lots of mutual admiration and respect for each other. Since both of them are changeable Air signs, there will be empathy towards each other’s shortcomings and weaknesses.

The only caveat in this partnership could be the lack of fixedness and consistency in everyday routines. If their work demands constant experimentation and breakthroughs, this tendency might still work out in the favor of the Aquarius natives.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Aquarius natives find it very easy and effortless to fall in love with each other. This is because they see and find so much of a part of themselves in the other person. A love relationship between two Aquarius natives is simple, easy going and lots of fun.

Aquarius natives love to discuss their worldview and ideology with their partners. They seek honesty, philosophical thinking and non-judgmental behavior in their love partners. Cheesy romantic and sentimental gestures might not come so often in the partnership between two Aquarius natives, at least towards the beginning. The relationship would thrive more on mutual understanding, admiration and respect for each other.

Being an Air sign, Aquarius finds it hard to get emotionally dependent on their love partner. Aquarius is the sign that represents freedom, change and autonomy. Their feelings and expressions of love rarely sound codependent and clingy. Both the natives of Aquarius sign would enjoy a love equation where there is fun, balance and equality.

Sexual chemistry between the two Aquarius individuals would be downright amazing. Both the love partners like to experiment in this area and try to keep things sensual but playful. In more ways than one, Aquarius and Aquarius love match is one that is so meant to be.