Aquarius and Libra Compatibility


Aquarius and Libra are highly compatible. They would become great friends instantly. Both signs are rational, continuously evolving, and would have intelligent, brainy discussions over a huge array of topics. The Aquarius-Libra partnership is usually full of inspiring, interesting thoughts and ideas. They live to socialize and make new contacts, though Libra prefers a classy and sophisticated outlook, while Aquarius likes to play it cool and simple.

Both Aquarius and Libra are imaginative and deep thinkers at heart. Aquarius is innovative and has an innate desire and ability to experiment. Libra, on the contrary, is philosophical with strong analytical skills. If the two decide to enter a professional team, they can achieve even the impossible.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Air signs Aquarius and Libra can form a divine love match, where each partner motivates and enlightens the other. This love relationship will possess every sizzling ingredient in it that makes it exceptional. From like-mindedness to thunderbolt chemistry, Aquarius-Libra duo will display great communication, understanding, and togetherness.

The two partners have a lot to offer to each other in this love match. For the most part, Libra will be expressing their emotions and sensitive feelings to their Aquarius lover, while Aquarius will share their farsighted, untamed, imaginative ideas to Libra. Both Aquarius and Libra enjoy each other’s company almost any time of the day without feeling bored.

Ruled by the planet of love Venus, Libra has an unrealistic approach towards love and relationships. The moment Libra is sure that they are in love, they start planning for their marriage. For Aquarius however, the sound of the wedding bells means the end of freedom, and freedom for them is the most important thing. Aquarius would avoid getting married for as long as possible. Libra should not misunderstand this as a sign of disinterest, since this relationship will otherwise have plenty of sparks and fireworks.
Though the two may take time to settle with each other’s preferences, the eventual sexual compatibility for this love match looks fun filled. Libra craves for sensitivity and refinement. Aquarius loves to be playful and would often experiment in bed. Once they have reached a common ground, both Aquarius and Libra would enjoy the experience of being in each other’s arms. Aquarius and Libra is an ideal love match and possibly the epitome of matches made in heaven.