Aquarius and Leo Compatibility


Aquarius and Leo are well matched under professional conditions & partnerships. They adore each other’s ways of working and can bring new ideas & innovations to life together.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo shows natural leadership skills & has an impressive personality. Leo also prefers an organized, imaginative, and resourceful way of living. However, they have a grand taste & this can make them extravagant spenders. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn & is more skillful with finances as compared to Leo. Aquarius is easy going, who does bother too much about leaderships.

Aquarius is always open to experiments & seeks a constant change in life. Leo prefers a more stable & fixed approach. With a balanced mix of both stability and innovation, this partnership can bring out the best in both the partners.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Though not ideal, the love match of lighthearted airy sign Aquarius and sensitive, warm-hearted fiery sign Leo is a mixture sugar, spice and so many things nice.

Leo falls in love with heart and soul. Leo tends to be very expressive, showering their partner with undivided attention & affection. Aquarius, on the other hand, prefers an easygoing attitude. They are not open to commitments & lack of emotions is visible. Yet they bring in excitement & new flavors into the life of their Leo partner. The two partners will see plenty of laughter and energy in this relation. Aquarius will make Leo see things from a lighter, yet broader perspective.
Aquarius is continuously seeking change & thus, evolves into a new person with time. Their unpredictable nature can at times, shock their Leo lover who is fixed and stubborn. While Leo would need to give lots of space to their Aquarius lover repeatedly, Aquarius will have to display feelings more openly to Leo. Aquarius-Leo partnership has the potential to stand the test of time, if the two are willing to make little adjustments with each other.