Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility


Aquarius and Virgo make a usually happy and profitable partnership. Both Aquarius and Virgo are visionaries, and prefer a practical and logical approach at work.
Financially, both Aquarius and Virgo are disciplined and watchful. They can take risks and experiment with new policies at work. This mental symmetry keeps them together.

The two partners can learn a lot from each other in this partnership. Aquarius can introduce Virgo to their bold and confident approach towards matters, and teach them not to stress too much over trivial things. On the other hand, Virgo can help Aquarius understand the importance of determination, inner strength, and resourcefulness. From their Virgo partner, Aquarius can learn to focus on small details.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

The lightheaded Aquarius and rationalistic Virgo can form a truly satisfying love match. This love match may not ideally be perfect, yet is interesting at many levels.

Virgo is a devoted family person and very responsible by nature. They prefer order and discipline at home. Aquarius can be very easy going and carefree in life, but is scared of entering committed relationships and marriage. Aquarius and Virgo share similar views towards love and thus, leave little room for disputes.
Aquarius, being an Air sign, is always seeking change. On the contrary, Virgo constantly overthinks, and can make things uncomfortable for their Aquarius lover, who likes to keep things simple and uncomplicated. The two will need time to adjust with each other’s polar basic instincts and to keep things running smoothly.

  Ruled by Mercury, Virgo can easily attract Aquarius with their skilled use of words and careful thinking, while Aquarius intrigues Virgo with their innovative and original ideas. The doe often indulges in intelligent and brainy conversations, and, hence, they would love to spend hours in each other’s company. With minor adjustments, they can enjoy a brilliant compatibility.