Aquarius Gemini Compatibility


Aquarius and Gemini can enter a scintillating professional partnership. Ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini natives are professional talkers & their efficient communication skills make them influential & captivating personalities. Aquarius natives are free & innovative thinkers, who are always bringing new ideas to the table. A little tact & careful management can lead the two to work as a delightful team.

Finances, however, would not be their key strength. Gemini, being prone to unnecessary self-doubt, can make careless hasty decisions. It is also hard for them to stick to their commitments over longer periods. Aquarius, on the other hand, is a risk taker & experiments with fiscal matters. Predictably, this duo can face some serious issues if care is not taken.

Gemini is smitten by the unorthodox and innovative ideas of Aquarius, while Aquarius finds Gemini intensely attractive & charming. The two would share interesting discussions & their conversations are highly intellectual & enlightening. Many shared interests & a common ideology allows them to become good friends quite fast.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Astrologically, Aquarius and Gemini form a highly compatible love match. Both the partners are adventurous, open minded and creativity driven signs, who seek similar qualities in their love partners. Both the partners continuously search for something new, away from the mundane life in their relationship & find excitement, freshness, and comfort in each other’s arms.

In love, Aquarius and Gemini will share a wondrous relationship. This will be accompanied by lack of emotions or any cheesy romantic sensitivity. They prefer to keep their relation free from any ties. They share an unusual and unconventional bond that only they can perceive & make a reality. The good thing is that the two partners are not looking for anyone’s validation. This detachment from the exterior world keeps them bonded with each other.

Aquarius and Gemini relationship can prove to be a long-term cheerful bonanza for the two lovers where each is capable of bringing out the best in the other, provided they occasionally ignore the frail ideas of their partner that may act against their relation.