Aries-Virgo Compatibility

Aries and Virgo have extremely strong personality and opposite agendas. This match can lead a harmonious relationship if they both emotionally have mutual understanding between each other. They might work well if they both share their traits cordially, else it is not recommended.

Aries-Virgo Compatibility


Aries and Virgo both have extremely strong personalities, they must handle with care towards each other for long periods of time. Despite their nature and personalities being different, they do offer each other some of the qualities that they need.

Aries can teach Virgo partner to have a little more fun and to lighten up, while Virgo can teach Aries the value of working towards the goal and achieving it.

Aries are fun and frolic people and Virgos on the other hand is sensitive and serious, so if they both don’t give space to each other might cause relationship issue.

Virgo knows how to possess in a relationship which can turn the Ram Aries partner jealous. But they both have mutual understanding and determination of both the partners to solve the problem that stands in their way.

Aries people are impulsive, and they often have emotional bursts, but also, they get over their fights quickly and don’t care much about their fights, Aries are interested in everything about Virgo people goes into the nitty gritty which can irritate their Aries partner.

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Virgo moon sign will not open easily, they will in always search for perfection and will lose the actual essence of life.

Aries partner always looks for instant gratification in love, which might teach both to take a middle path and to enjoy the moment completely. Aries – Virgo although their fights could get nasty with full of ego and pride, but still, they can work well as a couple if they always respect each other and give space.

Aries and Virgo both have different attributes, Aries is an impulsive leader while Virgos are critical and perfectionist. Furthermore, Aries are born to lead to teamwork while Virgos are born to serve, so these differences might not serve compatibility.

Both Aries and Virgo Moon sign both are charismatic in their own way, until they learn sexual compatibility, hence if Aries must respect Virgos perfection attitude and Virgo has to respect Aries partner’s impulsiveness then it can light up the fire between both of them.

Aries and Virgo both are natural – born influencers who love being in charge, Aries is ruled by Mars and Virgo is ruled by Mercury, but Aries finds Virgo very cold and insensitive, but if they give Virgo enough space and patience, they can teach them to trust their instinct. This couple needs to understand one another.

Aries are self-focused and goal-oriented personalities whereas Virgos, being ruled by Mercury always think about perfectionism of work and detail-oriented people.

The two signs’ Aries and Virgo Moon sign have opposite agendas yet make a perfect match. At times Virgo would teach their Aries partner how to be grounded when they go overboard due to their passion. Virgo might feel they have always been overpowered by the Aries the aggressive Ram and vice versa. The high will powered Aries can seem rough and tactless to intellectual Virgo, who believes in detailed and organizing work to win the race.

Basic Equation Between Aries & Virgo

The Aries & Virgo Moon sign might take time to bring to the relationship what the other is missing, making for a wonderful balance. The harmony between Mars in Aries and Mercury in Virgo can be like a bonfire which can give comfort during winter or even destroy whatever comes in their way.

Both Aries and Virgo will play it big time in this association with love, loyalty, care, genuine respect, and admiration for one another. Therefore, it is safe to say that their alliance will never be dull and foggy if they comprehend each other well enough by proper communication.

Both Aries & Virgo Moon signs want to be in charge, but Aries moon sign uses force and sometimes manipulation, while Virgo moon sign uses creative Leadership skill and intellectual manipulation to get their work done.

Aries moon sign’s Communication will be crystal clear about how they feel for Virgo partner. Making things clear is very important for Aries Moon sign, which leads to long-term relationships, even after huge fights and conflicts with sulking expert Virgo partner they can maintain harmonious journey.

Positive Aspect of Aries – Virgo Match

Aries & Virgo Moon Sign both are known for their spirit of generosity. Both the signs have moral and physical courage and will give support to fulfill each other’s goal. They both are creative, open hearted, and high-spirited people.

Aries Moon signs are courageous, independent, and dynamic. Bold brave and will never back down from a fight. While Virgo on the other hand is always supportive, committed, and target oriented. They motivate and challenge each other all the time and they never say no to each other.

These two personalities value most to stay concise and clear. Anything concise needs strong Mars energy, the ruler of Aries, while Virgo brings clarity by detailing to all. They both have leadership qualities and the tendency to compare to one another and search for their role as a lead.

Negative Aspect of Aries – Virgo Match

If any one of them between Aries & Virgo has psychological issues, then their relationship will become a battlefield for the ego where they both constantly need to prove something to each other.

Aries which represents Ram & Virgo moon sign the Maiden, they both have limited tolerance for boredom, but Aries will scream until they convince their Virgo partner, On the other hand when Virgo notices this behavior of Aries partner, they can also become impatient, and the Virgo needs everything perfect which can annoy their Aries partner even more.

The Virgo will not let the Aries have their independence, and they might not let Aries partner enjoy their space. But if Aries gets angry and loses their patience then this might create disharmony.

Aries & Virgo moon signs both are stubborn and strong headed and can go to any extent to prove their point. The fire & earth combination is always ready to pick up a fight.


Nakshatra (Constellation) Compatibility

The Aries star constellations are Ashwani and Bharani Nakshatra and have four stages each and Kritika Nakshatra has one stage.

The Virgo star constellations are Uttara Phalguni, Hasta and Chitra nakshatra pada 1, 2.

Different couples would have different results because a moon sign always has an accompanying nakshatra which is different for different people.

Ashwini-Uttara Nakshatras: Aries Ashwini nakshatra people can expose Uttara’s deepest secret which can make them feel like they are undesirable and disliked. This can make Uttara partner struggle to enjoy this relationship. The foundation of Love between two nakshatras will be weak.

Ashwini-Hasta Nakshatras: Aries Ashwini nakshatra and Virgo Hasta people share challenging bond, Hasta tries to maintain the relationship while Ashwini always tries to dig into their negative personality. Ashwini will never appreciate the qualities of Hasta.

Ashwini-Chitra Nakshatras: – Aries Ashwini nakshatra people and Chitra nakshatra are poles apart, Ashwini Nakshatra people have pride on their look, and they put their Chitra partner down. Ashwini nakshatra people always soar high and have major aspirations in life, while Chitra nakshatra partner will be grounded and believe in hard work so they both will not understand each other’s desires.

Bharani-Uttara Nakshatras: Bharani Nakshatra people add spice up to their relationship as at times Bharani people can become boring. They can be very stubborn at times. Uttara people will also support their Bharani partner.

Bharani-Hasta Nakshatras: Aries Bharani nakshatra need to constantly assure and trust to Hasta nakshatra, as Hasta nakshatra can be homely and compassionate but suddenly they might become jealous and possessive in their relationship which must be pacified.

Bharani-Chitra Nakshatras: Chitra nakshatra are exotic, full of adventure and sensuality, on the other hand, Bharani gets very emotionally attached and becomes obsessed with them. Bharani might create emotional turmoil by expecting too much in a relationship.

Kritika-Uttara Nakshatras: Aries Kritika nakshatra people are argumentative by nature and they can debate on every single topic which will trigger conflict with Uttara Phalguni nakshatra. Both the nakshatras are opinionated towards each other and are passive by nature.

Kritika-Hasta Nakshatras: Aries Kritika nakshatra would have to develop trust and empathy towards Hasta native. Hasta Native in return also must maintain faith and lower down his fears and insecurities. Since both the nakshatras lack trust and ability to express their emotions in an appropriate way they might lead a discontent marital life.

Kritika-Chitra Nakshatras: Chitra native desires a strong and flexible partnership whereas Aries Kritika nakshatra natives seek a conventional and strong commitment. If they lack appropriate communication and mutual understanding, then will face disharmony in relationships.

How To Have a Happy and Healthy Relationship?

Aries moon sign might take time to understand their Virgo partner and they both should draw a line before both get triggered.

Aries moon sign must watch their impatience, lack of thrift, and a domineering attitude. Aries moon sign thrives on challenge, and they truly believe they can do anything, so they tend to bite off more than they chew. But they must learn from Virgo moon sign on how to handle the situation by manipulating positively and swiftly. At the same time Virgo must learn from Aries how to enjoy life enthusiastically.

The Virgo moon sign must teach Aries to do detail-oriented work, persistence and perseverance which will go a long way in helping them to make the most advantage in their relationship. Both the signs can share many adventurous moments that raise their energy levels.

Love Compatibility Score

  • Aries & Virgo Moon sign would always lead to energy at atomic level, Aries would always be full of energy and enthusiasm and Virgo always would come up with new ideas and initiatives.
  • The Aries moon sign is not used for holding grudges, and Virgo would think about innovative way to express their feelings in an appropriate way, so once they have cooled down, then can make – up is likely to be quick and easy.

Love Compatibility Score: 6 Out Of 10

Sexual Compatibility Score

  • Aries & Virgo moon signs might lack strong sexual compatibility. Both of you should be enthusiastic when it comes to physical intimacy.
  • For Aries & Virgo moon sign, Sex needs to be fun filled creative moment and unbridled pleasure. They might be too creative and probably the least bothered about others. This is mostly a combination of passion, energy, and curiosity.
  • For Aries & Virgo moon sign, it’s always important for them to balance a safe and emotionally satisfying sexual relationship, rather than just one night of fun.
  • For Aries & Virgo moon sign, both should have many romantic creative ideas to enjoy the fresh and strong relationship which will strength your bond.

Sexual Compatibility Score: 5 Out Of 10

Communication Compatibility Score

  • The Aries Moon sign would have many ways to communicate and to clear the air in the relationship. They would rather awaken Virgo’s ability to show them because of their innovative creative skills.
  • Aries moon sign would always communicate directly to the point and deliver your point clearly. In other hand Virgo being creative personality, they might have difficulty in communicating. The Virgo moon sign on the other hand, has enough depth to look inside the personality of Aries instead of superficially examining their behavior.
  • Aries Moon sign might at times find to be proud and not grounded, which can create rifts in your relationship. But Virgo moon sign will balance through proper even after irrespective of their different personality they might resolve through proper communication.

Communication Compatibility Score: 7 Out Of 10

Overall Recommendation

The Aries and Virgo partnership is cold and insensitive, Aries and Virgo might try to balance the relationship, which has intellectual and leadership quality from Virgo and Aries. Hence, they can lead a harmonious relationship if they both emotionally have mutual understanding between each other, else they can’t live together.

Therefore, a relationship between Aries Moon Sign & Virgo Moon Sign might work well if they both share their traits cordially, else it is not recommended.


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