Aries-Cancer Compatibility

Aries and Cancer have opposite natures yet make a perfect match. Aries is spontaneous and impulsive to react to each situation whereas Cancer reacts to every situation after understanding the pros and cons through an emotional touch to it. Both Aries and Cancer are intuitively understanding they have something that the other lacks.

Aries-Cancer Compatibility


Aries appears to be the boss from outside, always hurrying out to confront a problem, but Cancer is in command in a more abstract manner, as they have good coping skills and capacity to analyze the situation.

Aries people are likely to show love towards Cancer by building a strong emotional foundation for the relationship. Aries is spontaneous and impulsive to react to each situation whereas Cancer partner reacts to every situation after understanding the pros and cons through an emotional touch to it, will teach Aries partner to deal it after analyzing in both emotional and logical way.

Cancer can assist Aries in slowing down and learning to be affectionate, while Aries can assist Cancer in breaking out their casings. Cancer on the other hand, may be psychologically a non-reliable person.

Cancer moon signs will not open with everyone. Aries partner always looks for instant gratification in love, which might teach both to take a middle path and to enjoy the moment completely. Aries & Cancer, although their fights could get nasty, sulking and crying they will work well as a couple if they always respect each other.

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Aries and Cancer companions will do everything in their power to protect their family from harm and are not afraid to fight with the world to bring smile to their faces. The domestic care that the Cancer Crab provides in the relationship makes the Aries Ram secure and content.

Both Aries and Cancer would share a moderate sexual attraction common towards each other. Aries wants to be chased and seduced, while Cancer may not be involved in those activities and in fact would love to spend more time on past memories and surprises, which might be compromising with to both the partners.

Both Aries and Cancer are intuitively understanding they have something that the other lacks. The Ram’s horns and the Crab’s shell are equally tough, and they appreciate one another’s fortuity, as that is something they both look for in a partner.

Basic Equation Between Aries Moon Sign & Cancer Moon Sign

The Aries & Cancer Moon sign has different forces and vibrations, Cancer intuitively knows that Aries needs some of their water to cool their heels, and Aries feels as if Cancer could use some of their fire to warm their melancholy moods.

Aries has mars to blame their impulsiveness and quick decision-making ability, and Cancer has the Moon to blame for their many moods and possessiveness. Cancer will wrap their arms around the Ram, making them feel truly cared for.

Both Aries & Cancer Moon signs want to be in charge, but Aries moon sign uses force and sometimes manipulation, while Cancer moon sign enjoys taking the lead as well but prefers to enjoy taking charge in a different and more secure manner.

Aries & Cancer Moon sign, Fire and Water combination, the match will work when these two signs begin to accept each other the way they are, which can surely build up an intense relationship else there will be an intense emotional outburst.

Positive Aspect of Aries – Cancer Match

Aries & Cancer Moon Sign both are known for their spirit of generosity. Both the signs have moral and physical courage and will give support to fulfill each other’s goal. They both are creative, open hearted, intuitive, and high-spirited people.

Aries Moon signs are courageous, independent, and dynamic. Bold brave and will never back down from a fight. While Cancer on the other hand is creative, nurturing, protective and full of enthusiasm in life. They motivate and challenge each other all the time and they never say no to each other.

Aries – Cancer Moon Sign are super powerful and have immense creativity to achieve success in their life. Aries Moon sign use their strength with a little bit of alignment of their humongous energy and can-do wonders. While Cancer are the signs of nurturing, intuitive and homely, which make a combination of Beauty and Mind.

Negative Aspect of Aries – Cancer Match

Aries, which represents Ram, is full of zeal and adventurous while the Cancer crab would be most comfortable with being home and spending some quiet quality time with their Aries partner. A lot of give and take to make the other person comfortable might erupt the pent-up emotions.

The Ram will let the Crab have their independence, and in return, the Crab will respect the Ram and never lean on them too much. This creates a perfect balance of give and take that can help to make this partnership last. But if Aries get impulsive and lose their patience then this might provoke Cancer partner and can create disharmony.

Aries – Cancer moon sign both are Leader and strong headed and can go to any extent to prove their point. The fire – water combination is always ready to engage in conflict and steam it out.


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Nakshatra (Constellation) Compatibility

The Aries star constellations are Ashwani and Bharani Nakshatra and have four stages each and Kritika Nakshatra has one stage.

The Cancer star constellations are the last quarter of Punarvasu, all four quarters of Pushya and all four quarters of Ashlesha nakshatra fall in this sign.

Different couples would have different results because a moon sign always has an accompanying nakshatra which is different for different people.

Ashwini-Punarvasu Nakshatras: Aries Ashwini nakshatra people will benefit from Cancer Punarvasu’s warm disposition which will negate the negativity in a relationship. Aries Ashwini will be extremely appealing and will cherish a good life with Cancer Punarvasu.

Ashwini-Pushya Nakshatras: Aries Ashwini nakshatra people are attractive, magnificent, and appealing and they take time to identify the positive side of Cancer Pushya nakshatra, but once recognized they lead a balanced and blissful life. Pushya Nakshatra people always stay by their Ashwini’s partner in every up and down of their life.

Ashwini-Ashlesha Nakshatras: Aries Ashwini nakshatra people like Ashlesha’s frankness and adventurous attitude towards life. Ashlesha understands the vulnerability of Ashwini partner. They instantly get connected to Ashwini in love and appreciate their idealistic and free-spirited nature.

Bharani-Punarvasu Nakshatras: Cancer Punarvasu loves exploring new horizons and this one quality will make Bharani nakshatra the perfect matching star with Punarvasu. Bharani in return work hard to keep up the relationship happy and best.

Bharani-Pushya Nakshatras: Aries Bahrani nakshatra are disciplined and practical which will attract Cancer Pushya nakshatra towards each other. Pushya will easily stabilize and control Bharani nakshatra partner. Their sense of humor will make up the relationship.

Bharani-Ashlesha Nakshatras: Both share an unconditional love, and they value each other’s feelings. Both are witty and filled with humor which will keep up the relationship alive. But if they try to change their true nature then they might create problems in relationship.

Kritika-Punarvasu Nakshatras: Cancer Punarvasu have a strong desire and possessiveness towards their Kritika partner. Kritika nakshatra tends to hide true nature and show over possessiveness to their partner which can create trouble in a relationship. Both must develop a strong communication in the relationship.

Kritika-Pushya Nakshatras: Aries Kritika nakshatra and Cancer Pushya nakshatra make a sensuous and strong couple. They work hard to invoke the desires and sensual emotions of Kritika nakshatra. They both make each other feel comfortable in the relationship.

Kritika-Ashlesha Nakshatras: Aries Kritika nakshatra are fascinated by fiery Ashlesha and in return Ashlesha nakshatra teaches Kritika nakshatra to overcome their insecurities and timidness. At times Kritika nakshatra can show jealousy in their Ashlesha partner which can bring conflicts.

How To Have a Happy and Healthy Relationship?

Aries moon sign must watch their impatience, lack of thrift, and a domineering attitude. Aries moon sign thrives on challenge, and they truly believe they can do anything, so they tend to bite off more than they chew. But they must learn from Cancer moon sign on how to handle the situation by planning positively and following the structure. At the same time Cancer must learn from Aries on how to take immediate decisions rather than taking sweet time.

The Cancer moon sign must teach Aries to acquire patience, persistence and perseverance which will go a long way in helping them to make the most advantage in their relationship. Both the signs can share many adventurous moments that raise their energy levels.

Love Compatibility Score

  • Aries – Cancer Moon sign would always lead to the energy at atomic level, Aries would always be full of energy and enthusiasm and Cancer always would come up with new ideas and initiatives.
  • The Aries moon sign are not used to holding grudges, and Cancer would think about innovative way to express their feelings in an appropriate way, so once they have cooled down, then can make – up is likely to be quick and easy.

Love Compatibility Score: 7 Out Of 10

Sexual Compatibility Score

  • Aries – Cancer moon signs have notably strong sexual compatibility. Both of you will be enthusiastic when it comes to physical intimacy and would like to have an open discussion about the day.
  • For Aries – Cancer moon sign, Sex can be fun filled creative moment and unbridled pleasure. Cancer would expect from Aries to be creative and probably the least bothered about others. This is mostly a combination of passion, energy, and curiosity.
  • For Aries – Cancer moon sign, it’s always important for them to balance a safe and emotionally satisfying sexual relationship, rather than just one night of fun.
  • For Aries – Cancer moon sign, both would have many romantic creative ideas to enjoy the fresh and strong relationship which will strength your bond.

Love Compatibility Score: 7 Out Of 10

Communication Compatibility Score

  • The Cancer Moon sign would have many ways to communicate and to clear the air in the relationship. They would rather awaken Arian’s ability to show them because of their innovative communication skill.
  • Aries moon sign would always communicate directly to the point and deliver your point clearly. In other hand Cancer being talkative, they do not have trouble in communicating. Cancer moon sign on the other hand, has enough depth to look inside the personality of Aries instead of superficially examining their behavior.
  • Aries Moon sign might at times find to be proud and not grounded, which can create rifts in your relationship. But moon Cancer sign will balance the communication.
  • For Aries moon sign it’s important for you to sort out the issues through proper communication before it escalates. Cancer moon signs are always ready to clear the air.

Love Compatibility Score: 6 Out Of 10

Overall Recommendations

The adventurous nature of the Aries and the emotional self-possession by Cancerians, when clubbed together, can lead to a most sought- after bond. They will, without a doubt, complement each other.

Therefore, a relationship between Aries Moon Sign & Cancer Moon Sign will work well and is recommended.


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