Aries Temperament

Aries Temperament

Aries is a Fire Sign ruled by Mars, the planet that governs our aggressive instincts, impulses, and actions. Persons born in Aries possess a muscular body, look younger than their age, and are vigorous and courageous.

Aries are ambitious, have the temperament to take risks, quick in action, and best at everything that helps reveal their pioneering side

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The Aries Need to Lead

Aries horoscope, you have an innate warrior-like aspect, which reflects in the way you face challenges head-on. Should you find a way to channelize your gallant attitude, the outcome for you is often rewarding. However, if this recklessness remains unchecked, it becomes the cause of stress, aggression, and unnecessary disputes.

When you see potential in an opportunity, you get started with a military-like approach, pursuing perfection and removing any obstacles blocking your way.

You have the temperament to work hard with perseverance than smart work and contemplation. Your need to lead has little to do with money or prestige. It is an offshoot of your urge to have power and control.

An Infant of the Aries Zodiac

Aries is known as the Infant of the Zodiac, endowed with a blend of innocence and child-like insolence. On an emotional level, you are a self-sufficient person and generally speak your heart out without much thought, hurting others unintentionally.

For you, if it quacks like a duck, you call it a duck. You cannot butter someone up, are direct, and often blunt in your manner and speech. However, you never cease to use this speech to fight for the ideas and people dear to you.

Your aggression does not last long; life for you is too short to hold a grudge. The passion with which you approach the objectives is unparalleled; though others often are unable to keep up with your pace and enthusiasm.

There is an inherent quality in you to exercise control and lead the way, be it in a social revolution or relationships. Your impulsive, dominant, and impatient temperament often causes arguments and fleeting estrangements with your partner.

In a relationship, you want to take charge, and trust easily, yet prone to jealousy. Nevertheless, you love wholeheartedly and care for your loved ones and family more than anything else.

The Hurdles You Face, Aries

You rush forward whenever you identify a ‘seed’ of opportunity; however, you lack the patience and precision required to wait for the crops to grow.

Your dynamism and passion are your best assets but they are also your nemesis. 

Your blunt and rude temperament at times, likely to be affected adversely if others exercise the same behavior towards you.

You completely underestimate the situation and often act impulsively, ultimately falling in heap. Things do not happen for you, you do things ‘on the fly’.

You rarely question the road ahead and tread on the path that even angels dread. You do not like to bow before anyone and feel trapped and irritated if others try to limit your freedom on something you want to do on your own.

You often jump into things with decisions based on initial feeling, which leads you to the error of judgment. Nevertheless, learning to contemplate before you act while also balancing your energy with common sense will help you reach new heights.