Aries Boss


As a boss, Aries is very energetic, impulsive, and risk-taking. He is a born leader and champion. He is not one of those who think a lot before making decisions. Aries boss likes to get the work done quickly and hastily most of the time.

Unnecessary reflection and overthinking matters at work put him off the most. He wants everyone at the office to put all of their energies into the tasks assigned and complete them fast without delays.

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Aries boss follows the direct and straightforward approach in general as well as in his professional life. Without any inhibitions, he will be all praises for you If he likes your work. He won’t care if it would make you proud and vain. At the same time, when it comes to criticism, he will say the rudest things directly on your face. He would give less thought to how you will feel. He is not insensitive or vindictive. He just likes to send across his opinions.

Although because of his slapdash approach and blunt criticism, you might feel that the Aries boss doesn’t care about his reputation and image amongst his employees, but this is not true. Aries want approval, acceptance, and love more than any other sign. But they protect this sensitive and vulnerable core through a tough outer shield that shouts confidence and vanity.

Aries boss would love to get sincere admiration and respect from others in the office, although, he might not give you the slightest hint of this kind. However, don’t try to overdo anything as he hates hypocrisy and flattery and can sense if you have an agenda.

How to impress the Aries Boss:

Aries boss likes employees who are energetic and enthusiastic about their work. He won’t mind giving you a flexible working environment and attractive paychecks, but you don’t have to act lazy and sloppy under any circumstances. He will appreciate you if you are honest, clear, and straightforward.

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