Aries Man

Symbolized by Mars, Aries moon sign man have a lot of bounded potential and divine energy to be directed towards some purpose in life. Aries male natives are driven by their passion to explore new things in life. Rationality and patience is contrary to the basic nature of an Aries moon sign man.

They are action-oriented beings and bestowed with excellent leadership qualities. They possess a lot of intuitive wisdom, too. But they don’t make optimum use of it often, due to their hastiness for acting upon things, without contemplating much.

If you are an Aries moon sign man or if you know an Aries man, you would understand that beneath their strong and courageous self lies a vulnerable personality.

They are not what they are to the external world. Internally, they contain a profound sense of insecurity. And, thus they need somebody who can boost their morale and offer them a comfortable space to share their thoughts and feelings. They also feel highly satisfied in being protective and caring about their loved ones.

Below we have analyzed the various roles that an Aries man plays in his lifetime, to decipher their innate characteristics in each of them.

Physical attributes of an Aries man

Physically, an Aries man would have a lean and muscular body structure. They have a rough complexion and sharp eyes with thick eyebrows. They have distinctive nose but their skin is very sensitive.

Most Aries men enjoy robust health. They have good immunity to fight off diseases and recover speedily from common ailments. Still, they are prone to headaches and skin allergies.

Behavioral constitution of an Aries man

Aries moon sign men are martial in spirit. This is been very well depicted by their symbol ‘Ram’. They are active, confident and impulsive, too. Their ambition knows no bounds and they would try to achieve what they have set their eyes on, till the last drop of their sweat.

  • Dynamic and enthusiastic, most times, they tend to become rash and quarrelsome, when they feel low or depressed.
  • They are independent thinkers and doers. They don’t like to be bossed over, instead they want to lead in all matters, be it personal or professional.
  • They are also bestowed with excellent execution skills, but their hastiness tends to slay this talent, at times.

Sense of style of an Aries man

Their characteristics of passion and excitement reflected in their sense of style. They will always dress up in a perfect manner, but their unique way of styling and varied fashion tastes will help them stand apart from the crowd.

  • They have a penchant for bright colors and dramatic shades.
  • Interesting, diverse cuts and bold designs attracts them.
  • In casual styling also there will be a dash of colors in their fashion statement.


Personally, an Aries moon sign man, will be highly attached to his family, spouse, lover and friends. He will be affectionate but also practical, at the same time. They will always seem to be in control of their emotions and when that doesn’t happen they will feel embarrassed and may become uncomfortable. The high level of passion in their relationship will be more visible through their act of protectiveness and dominance, than in their verbal or physical expressions.

Aries man as a Son

As a son, an Aries moon sign male will be quite responsible. They would understand their duties and will be in charge of the household, as they grow up. Being headstrong, there could be some arguments at times with family members. However, they will be thoughtful of others feelings, too.

  • They will be closely attached to their parents, especially with their mother.
  • Sometimes their extra caring and concerned nature towards their mother, may be seen as too much dominance and may cause strain in their relationship.
  • With their father they share an amicable relationship and will be considerate towards his needs and feelings.

Aries man as a Brother

As a brother, a man born in Aries moon sign will tend to be dominating. They would like to be in command and boss around their siblings.

  • As an elder brother, they will be considerate, protective and commanding. They will tend to put too many rules and regulations for their younger siblings.
  • As a younger brother, they will be less dominating, loving, but would still be extra caring.

Aries man as a Friend

Aries man tend to be highly affectionate as a friend. They would make for the most loyal and honest friends and would stick around through thick and thin. However, they are also the attention seekers and would always like to have the spotlight on them.

  • They are loyal and you can count on them in times of need and emergency.
  • They can be temperamental, at times, but they will never deliberately cause you any harm - physically or emotionally.

Aries man as a Lover

Aries moon sign born man are highly passionate and possessive as lovers. When in a love relationship, they would like to lead and call the shots. Being their love partners could be equally pleasing and challenging. The key to a successful relationship with an Aries man lies in finding a balance between their ego and your emotions.

  • As a lover they like to be in control of their emotions.
  • They are energetic and adventurous in love and would like their partner to reciprocate the same feelings.
  • They are not expressive of their feelings and tend to be highly protective of their lover.

Aries man as a Husband

Passion is the primary driver for Aries man in all relationships. As a husband also, they are no different. They are loving, adoring and also obsessive, at times. They like to be protective of their spouse and would look out for a wife who is shy, caring and a little docile.

  • They are head strong and thus, can be pretty argumentative.
  • They can also be rash at times, when depressed or in a bad mood.
  • Care and affection towards the spouse will be apparent in actions, but will not be very open in verbally expressing their feelings of love.

Aries man as a Father

Aries moon sign male, makes for very responsible fathers. They are bit dominating, but will be totally family-oriented. They are the decision-makers at home and would want everyone to abide by their rules and regulations.

  • An Aries father, will listen to your opinions but will do what he finds suitable.
  • They are quite controlling and can be overprotective of their children.
  • They seek fun and excitement, and would like to go on adventurous expeditions with his children.


Professionally, an Aries moon sign man will do well as engineers, surgeons, doctors and army personnel. They can make for good managers, as they have the innate ability to implement plans well. But their rash temperament and hot constitution may sometimes lead them in professional troubles which can also deter theory health. So, a check on aggression is paramount for Aries male professionals.

Aries man as a Student

As a student, an Aries moon sign born male, will be always open to new ideas. They love to research and go into the depth of things. Therefore, they will have a keen interest in science and mathematics. If Mars is well placed in their birth chart, they will do pretty well in engineering and medical fields.

  • They will be good with studies. They are quick learners, but not quite obedient students.
  • They are hardworking, but restless in nature and will thus, work with impulsiveness.
  • They are athletic and have a penchant for outdoor activities.

Aries man as an Employee

An Aries employee do not understand patience. They have a high rush of energy and would seek new challenges in life. They do not like mediocrity in things and will only aim for perfection at work. Monotonous things tend to bore them and thus they are not likely to stick to a job for long, unless there is enough scope to explore something new, each day.

  • An Aries male employee has a progressive attitude.
  • You can bank upon them to deliver a project on time or even before it, as they are rather adamant to meet deadlines.
  • Patience is not their virtue and they will tend to quickly get the work done. However, they are highly conscious of the work quality, also.

Aries man as a Boss

Having born with leadership capabilities, Aries man will rule as a boss. They are meant to be one and will do pretty well for themselves in this position. However, for his subordinates, he can be a nightmare to work with. Since, as an employee they have a killing and go-getter instinct, they would also have it as a boss and thus, they would expect the same from his juniors also.

  • As a boss, Aries man are pushy and rather impatient.
  • They can be termed as insensitive, at times, as their ego tends to become larger than their role.
  • They are true leaders and will ensure quality in work and will also expect the same level of commitment and quality from his subordinates.

Aries man as a Business professional

Since, Aries man are independent and likes to operate and free-will, they make for good businessman. They are blessed with supreme entrepreneurial skills and have an inclination to take risks.

  • Aries men have a very good business acumen and the go-getter attitude.
  • They like challenges, routine and repetitive tasks do not excite them. As a business professional they get the opportunity to be on their toes, everyday and feel the adrenaline rush.
  • They are highly ambitious beings and will thus make for successful entrepreneurs.

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