Aries Man

Aries man might be popular for his self-seeking, egoistical and demanding behavior, but the truth is that in committed partnerships and marriage he becomes an extremely loyal, sincere and devoted husband. Aries love partner can make you feel that you mean the world to him. You will love him for his over-idealized, Goddess-like treatment of you.

Aries man looking for love believes in soul mate connections and true love stories with happy endings. They want the best deal in partnerships and can settle for nothing less. They give all in love.
Ruled by Mars, Aries husband is excitingly energetic and even aggressive sometimes. Married life with an Aries will be filled with passion, adventure and lots of thrills. But you might have to compromise slightly on comfort, security and peace.

Positive traits of Aries Man in Marriage / Relationship:

Aries man has a high libido and can make physical love making sessions downright exciting and passionate. The best part, however, is that he is a monogamist in committed partnerships and marriage. Great romantic moments and fireworks in your sex life are in store. Married life with an Aries will be anything but boring.

Negative traits of Aries Man in Marriage / Relationship:

Living with an Aries man could mean dealing with an immature, demanding kid and an egoistical, aggressive adult at the same time. You will need lots of patience and energy. Aries has unrealistically high expectations of their partners, which could be difficult to meet. His criticism is sharp and blunt and can pierce your soul. Aries husband can blow up budgets with his ruthless approach to life, and this can potentially cause upheavals in your family life. You might need a back up job or a smarter handling of finances if you are in love with Aries.

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