Aries Man Personality

Aries, the first to appear in the sky is gifted with the power of creation and manifestation. It is the raw energy that is in full force to achieve the unimaginable and to manifest their dreams into reality.

Aries Man Personality


Being the first among the fire signs as well, they have incredible leadership qualities which are backed by creativity and action in extremes. Most Aries men, therefore, are either successful business tycoons or social entrepreneurs. Another trait by this fire sign in its infancy and raw form is its impulsive nature, which can be a downside, if uncontrolled. They might make impulsive choices which might bring them sudden loss in the future as well. They are mostly gauging situations from the surface and do not always delve deep even though they might think so. This is how an Aries Moon man functions.

An Aries Moon man is action-oriented and fiery. In relationship with their family, they would provide for their family monetarily before doing so emotionally. They ensure that all financial needs are fulfilled first. They make impulsive choices in love and in life, and these choices are passionate and wild to say the least. It requires a partner who is cool, calm, collected and sorted in their mind to handle and be happy with this man.

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The basic streak of the Aries Moon man is passion, drive, self-motivated, competent, creativity, and always in action in every segment of their life, with a realm of vulnerability that is not known to all.


Behavioral Constitution

This man looks impulsive and acts impulsive because he is vulnerable inside.

  • He mostly or at least sometimes, when his emotions are involved, doesn’t exactly know if he’s making the right choice.
  • He might feel good about something this moment, then procrastinate the next. That’s him. An equally ‘all over the place’ or insecure woman wouldn’t suit him at all.
  • He is looking for someone who trusts him, without a second thought, understands him inside and out, and makes him feel secure because she is secure first, in herself. He wants a truly confident woman who doesn’t feel the need to feel insecure at all within herself. He will gauge this by her actions.
  • For this man, the first impression of a woman and her idea of self-security is the last impression.
  • He is passionate and driven in every segment of his life, and adventurous by nature.

Aries falls under three constellations: Ashwini, Krittika and Bharani

Ashwini: Ashwini Nakshatra is ruled by Ketu and is represented by horse. It stands for raw and uncontrolled energy which is required for anything to come into action. For birth to take place, for creation to happen, initiation is required, Ashwini stands for the initiation of things. This is where the entire zodiac realm begins. People belonging to this nakshatra have a raw impulse, which can sometimes be uncontrolled, and the vision to create something.

Krittika: the constellation Krittika is ruled by Sun. it’s literal meaning is someone who cuts. It also represents the beginning of life in the sense that when the umbilical cord of a child is cut from the mother, life begins. An entire realm of understanding and wisdom lies in this act of ‘cutting’. Therefore, the first star to appear in the sky is Krittika, which is where the zodiac realm begins. It is also a fiery, warrior constellation which stands for action-orientation, however, men belonging to this constellation might look serious but are actually a softie at heart.

Bharani: Bharani is represented by the female genitalia. It holds the power of creation. It is ruled by Venus and its ruling God is Yama. Bharani is a constellation which is ‘pro-birth’, means, it believes in creation than destruction. It believes in beginnings than endings. It believes in life, than death. Men belonging to this nakshatra (constellation) are creative, impulsive, and extremely soft-spoken and respectful towards his elders.


Intellectual caliber

Aries are smart, intelligent and action-oriented. They might be impulsive and sometimes erratic; however, this fire sign also has intellectual capacity to decipher when a particular action needs to be taken and when to stay put, especially when they mature through life.

  • As kids, their minds wander into various dimensions, and they want to do a lot of things at once. However, as they mature, they learn the art of multi-tasking pretty well.
  • These are anything but lazy beings. They’re always on the run. They love their rest and ‘me-time’ but only because they have hustled hard.
  • Once they set their mind to something academically or professionally, they are sure to achieve it.
  • The problem here is, they do get distracted easily if they’re not evolved enough.

Style sense of an Aries man: Aries men like class but also like to experiment as long as it highlights their features. He knows how to make something look good on himself.

  • He likes to make a bold statement, whether it is with his shoes, or his suit or just anything which adds a hint of experiment to his overall look. It could even be an expensive watch.
  • He has a quality of carrying bold and experimental looks very well, so much so that it looks natural on him but also sets him apart from everybody else.
  • He has a grand wardrobe, to say the least.

Personal life roles

Aries as a Son: Aries as a son is someone who’d go beyond limits to care for his parents. He will single-handedly try to take care of them. Given any situation, an Aries man will stand by his parents and fight any and everyone when it is their parents concerned.

They are very attached to their parents, especially their mothers.

  • As kids, they’re super-energetic and cheery. They have a question about everything. Why do trees grow upwards, how do birds fly, why does a spelling spell the way it spells… you’ll be bombarded with their questions.
  • They will keep you on your toes because you as a parent got plans to take a nap, an Aries kid won’t let you, they’re super-active, and their eyes speak wonder and mischief in equal proportions. Once they know how to walk and run, life will be a marathon every single day!
  • These kids grow up to be responsible children who will fight any and everything to see their parents happy and healthy. You will probably wonder how much this kid loves you as well as how much they can make you go nuts. This is because they depend upon your guidance just so much. They don’t grow for themselves; they want to see you grow as people as well and be taken care of in every way.
  • They would be over-caring and sometimes dominating with their mothers and expect them to be taken care of very well. This might, however, strain their relationship sometimes due to over-protectiveness.
  • They are amicable with their father and respect them in general, and try to take their point of view into consideration as well.

Aries as a Brother

  • As an elder brother, an Aries is protective of his siblings. He wants to be someone who’s looked up to for guidance but also someone who’ll pull your leg every now and then. He can get dominating and bossy with the ones who ‘arrived later’ and he makes it known. He is caring about his siblings’ well-being, in general.
  • As a younger brother, he is extra-caring and looks up to you in a way where he expects you to be someone who can never be wrong or someone he can look up to. At times, this can lead to over-expectations from his elder ones.

Aries as a Friend: As a friend, he’s caring & affectionate but moody.

  • A party person: Well, not always but with the close-knit friends, he’s game! He loves a beer with the boys, or watch a soccer match some evening or sit and have a gala time at a club and would expect everyone to laugh at his jokes. Even socially, with a larger group, he expects attention.
  • A friend in need: They won’t turn their back on you if you need them in the middle of the night, whether it is to pick you up drunk from a club or an emergency of sorts, these guys will be there. Honestly, if a woman is ever in a tricky situation or needs help, call up an Aries! They’ll be there in no time.


Aries as a Lover

An Aries lover is passionate right from the way he looks at you to the point where you’re physically intimate.

  • He’s the guy who does the chasing, and the woman wouldn’t even know that the game has begun. If he really likes someone, his mind goes from figuring out ‘why her’, to ‘how come she has this influence on me without even moving a muscle’, and then pursuing her to know more about her- and all this will happen without him opening his mouth or making it known. In case, the woman finds out, he might be one to act as if he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. This is for serious feelings. While he’s action-packed, he’s really wondrous of the serious, shy or quiet types. They happen to be his type who can absorb all that energy with poise.
  • For flings, he is into flings and doesn’t mind a one or few night-stands, given his impulse and passion. It is triggering for him when a woman catches his real attention without even doing anything, then he gets thinking. That’s when his curious mind that he left in the backyard somewhere in his childhood, kicks in! Until then, he’s fine with no-strings attached relationships, given his experimental nature.

To put it simply, he’s passionate in every dimension of love, sex and attraction and doesn’t mind getting a taste of it all.

Most attracted to

Libra, Scorpio

Aries as a Husband

Aries are driven by passion in the very raw forms; therefore, they love someone they can explore this impeccable drive of passion with. As a husband, they’re caring of their wives and possessive as well.

  • Sometimes they might get too possessive or a bit suspicious too. This is not for everyone; this is specifically for one chosen woman. And more often than not, she’ll know. Its not to the point of irritation, but she’ll know that her husband is possessive.
  • She’ll also know that she’s loved and taken care of even without asking for it. They’re mostly in love with the woman they choose to spend eternity with else, this man doesn’t settle easily.
  • They are not very careful with their words at times, so an emotional woman who cries at movies or gets hurt easily might have a tough time.
  • However, a docile and shy woman suits him well. This is because she teaches him that art of vulnerability and pure love, which he might have not explored before due to being in passionate relationships only. She is also the kind of woman who can handle this man and deal with his impulse without getting unsettled herself.

He isn’t appreciative of women who’re not careful either with their heart, or their time or romantic preferences. If you’re a woman who prefers to wait to come out of your shell because you’re shy, he gets it. This is the man for you. Just don’t make him feel hanging around too long.

Most compatible with

Libra, Scorpio

Aries as a Father

an Aries father is the father every kid wishes to have, yet doesn’t wish they had. Its funny how one moment they can be super-strict and protective and another moment they want to go camping with them.

  • He’s the typical protective Dad who’ll listen to you, but the final decision will be his and it will be irreversible, or at least very hard to change, and most times, chances are, he’s right! His children will understand this when they see what he said and meant, and it all pans out in life exactly that way.
  • He will, however, give them the option to make mistakes and learn from them, but he’ll know when its constructive & when its destructive and do his best to protect them.

Professional life goals

An Aries does well in positions of leadership that require great management skills and action at the right time. These include Army, Surgeons, Managers, Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneurs, Engineers and any position of power- all of which require managerial skills and leadership in the moment and actions which can be taken by one person leading the rest.

Aries as a Student

These are some of the brightest students you will come across. Their success is not measured up by just their hard work but also their strategy.

  • These would be the ones to compete and succeed in competitive examinations with flying colors.
  • They are impulsive so while you may think this guy is wasting time on soccer in the rain while you slog your nights in studies, you’ll be surprised to see them top academically and wonder how?! Most of it comes naturally to them. They generally are presentable in their answers in exams as well so honestly, we don’t know if he really has a strategy or if this is just how he is anyway.
  • They are not extremely concerned about being studious, they’re just enough into studies to get decent marks to get into the choice of school or college they want to, which they mostly do! So all in all, well-balanced when it comes to studies plus his choice of extra-curricular activities.

Aries as a Boss

Uhh! an Aries boss is tough. He’s much bossier than any zodiac sign. If you think you’ve seen it all, think again.

  • This boss can be rude if you don’t deliver the quality of work that he expects out of you. This is majorly not because he’s a pain but mostly because there is no room for imperfection in his dictionary. He expects the same from you as what he expects out of himself. His rule is- if I can deliver as per the bar set (pretty high), so can you!
  • He'll also give you all the required knowledge, experience, exposure and training for you to do your job well, and only then will he expect the best out of you. So be mindful!

Aries as an Employee

  • An Aries employee is something you can vouche upon. Most Aries, as impulsive as they are, will still deliver the assigned work on time or much before that.
  • Any project that has been assigned to then will be delivered on time, along with quality, unless you didn’t inform them beforehand. They will hardly ever not follow clear instructions.
  • They also bring a lot of creativity into their work and make it all look appealing.
  • They don’t believe in over-working unless a deadline. They’re the ones to leave office on time with all work done instead of pretending to work by hanging around.

Aries as a Business Professional

being creative as well as risk-takers, Aries Moon have a great business acumen. These men know which idea would prosper and how, and if they’re confident, they’ll go for it. whether it is in the corporate world or making a change, they have an actionable plan that you can trust them upon. They also don’t shy away from giving important insights to their friends in business, even if it is a competitor, since they like a worthy competition, given how highly they regard themselves.

  • They’re the go-getters of the zodiac.
  • Being impulsive and action-oriented, they get the chance to always be on-the-move!
  • They’re the ones who, in a competition, will ask their competitor to get back up and fight. They have that integrity, ambition and the Z-factor that doesn’t come by easily.
  • They work in a team, only if it is one which they are leading and feel responsible while doing the same. They manage multiple things proficiently.
  • They are great with strategizing as well.