Aries Lover

Aries individuals are ruled by Mars which makes them hot-headed, aggressive and fierce. As love partners, Aries are dominant and forceful, but also extremely loyal and devoted. Aries tend to over-idealize the idea of true love. They know they are the best and they deserve the best. They don’t fall in love that easily, but when they finally give in, they fear nothing and no one. Aries can fight with anyone in the world and go against all circumstances to get their love.

Aries man and Aries woman have a high sex drive and are very active partners in bed. Physical intimacy is always the most essential part of a relationship for them. They can be very demanding and wild when it comes to love making.

When you fall in love with Aries, you might have to deal with their selfishness, arrogance and immaturity at times. Although, they appear insensitive and cold, it is not really true. Once they fall for you, they become givers in every sense. You just have to break through the shield that protects their vulnerable heart and reach the core. If you truly love your Aries, you would understand this.

Understanding Aries Love Nature: Signs that tell an Aries is in love with you
According to indastro Aries horoscope love nature is upfront and direct, especially when it comes to confession of their love and feelings. Aries man in love and Aries woman in love just might walk straight up to you and say that they like you. It is highly possible that they were observing you from a distance for quite sometime now. When you will experience such energy, you will either get dangerously scared or hopelessly attracted.
Aries love their freedom and space, and, hence, they often shy away from getting confined in a committed relationship or marriage. Once they become sure that they have found the right partner, however, anything and everything is possible.

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