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Aries and Libra Compatibility

This free horoscope matching is based on Vedic Astrology that makes use of Moon Signs to calculate accurate Relationship Compatibility between any two individuals in the areas of love, romance, soul mate, relationship, marriage and business. If you do not know your Moon Sign, click here to find it out for free!

Astrology Compatibility

Mars driven Aries is hot headed and aggressive by nature, and secretly admires Venus ruled Libra’s calm, balanced and steady behavior towards everything in life. Libra likes to balance and weigh all sides of a situation very well before they can make decisions. Aries, on the other hand, almost always does things without thinking of the consequences. Occasionally, however, this may make Libra feel Aries is thoughtless and Aries feel Libra is indecisive.
Aries is nothing but honest and direct in partnerships. Libra is that one sign that wants justice and fair behavior like oxygen. They will repay the honesty of Aries in the best way possible. Aries will respect Libra’s fine judgment and ethics. Besides, there are almost no chances of insincerity and deceit brewing in when Aries and Libra join hands for partnership, in business or in love.

Both Aries and Libra can profit from this union. Without attacking their individuality and hurting their pride, Libra will teach Aries how to be more tolerant and adjustable in adverse situations. Aries will inspire their Libra companion to be more firm, clear and decisive.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Aries is a strong Fire sign and Libra is a charming Air sign and, together they make quite an interesting and wonderful love match. The love and romantic attraction between Aries and Libra is strong, natural and undeniable more so because they are opposite of each other.
To enjoy that beautiful, strong and exciting relationship for years to come, however, both Aries and Libra will have to make slight compromises and adjustments for each other. This should not be that difficult if the two are seriously involved with each other.
Aries seem to be forceful and determined in love and marriage related matters. They are also impulsive, emotional and impatient. Libra is mostly intrigued by these qualities in their Aries lover, although occasionally they can also get overwhelmed. Aries lover is very demanding, passionate and energetic in bed. Libra is fond of the gentle and sentimental romantic technique. Despite these differences, these two signs in love will achieve good sexual and love compatibility.

Of course, there are essential differences in the love personality of these two lovers, but that will only help them complement each other perfectly, making their relationship beautiful, strong and exciting.