Gemini Leo Compatibility

Coming together of Gemini and Leo more often than not means instant initiation of great fun, friendship and many social outings together, no matter if the partnership is formed for business or for pleasure.
Gemini is many minds in one body. They can handle any situation with logic, tact and resourcefulness. Leo gets impressed with Gemini fast and wants to lock them into partnership. Leo is also very possessive and does not like to share what they feel belongs to them. Gemini is never too sure of a deep, solid commitment to just one person that too at a very early stage, but, nevertheless, Leo’s majestic way of doing things invokes their curiosity and they want to give it a try.

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Leo innately feels superior to the rest. While Gemini admires Leo’s confidence and organizational and leadership skills, they do not appreciate their arrogance and conceitedness. Gemini tends to say the truth as they see it. Their blatant criticism can hurt Leo’s pride and offend them very much. In order to make this partnership successful, Gemini will soon realize that they have to learn how to diplomatically convey things to Leo. This Gemini can easily do as they are gifted with the power of effective dialogue by the planet Mercury.
Gemini wants excitement and change in whatever they do. Leo believes in living and celebrating life in a grand way and does not let Gemini get bored at all. Both of them are bound to have a wondrous time in each other’s company.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Gemini is a light and cool Air sign and Leo is a passionate and fierce Fire sign, and since fire and air are compatible elements, the natives of these two signs together can make quite a sensational love match where fun will be unlimited along with too many social outings.
Leo needs constant show of attachment and affection from their love partners. A regular dose of showy and expensive gifts, flattery and lofty compliments would not cause any harm either. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and, hence, is impressively expressive and communicative by nature. But Gemini uses head and logic more than the heart, and the idea of “hearts and teddy bears” type of romance is often laughable to them. Some tweaking in romantic technique will, therefore, be needed in this relationship.
Leo is emotionally warm and sentimental and wants to conquer their love partner emotionally and physically. Gemini loves their freedom a little too much and abhors confinement. Gemini wants to keep the relationship open and flexible for as long as possible. Gemini’s detached attitude towards bonding and commitment in the relationship makes Leo feel unloved.
Sexual chemistry between Gemini and Leo will be quite wonderful and colorful. Leo will bring in spice and romance of the highest degrees, which will please Gemini like anything. Gemini will ensure there is variety and change, along with pleasure and fun.
If only Leo could curb their urge to control and dominate their partners and if only Gemini would spare a lot more of their valuable time to express their love and indulge more in romance, this union carries great potential to work wonders.