Gemini Scorpio Compatibility

Intense, mystical and watery Scorpio and cool, casual and airy Gemini are so different from each other that they get fascinated with each other fast. Opposites attract after all, and so they can become good friends, professional or business partners, and even lovers.
Scorpio gets impressed with Gemini’s intellectual curiosity, clever logic and rational bent of mind. Scorpio is rather fixed by nature and so finds ever changing and flexible Gemini immensely attractive. Gemini’s multiple faces, gift of gab, colorful personality and many minds invoke Scorpio’s curiosity. And, well, when a Scorpio gets curious, nothing really can stop them from giving endless tries to discern the truth.

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Gemini finds Scorpio absolutely alluring, emotionally deep and intense. Gemini likes them for being strong, loyal, fixed and committed towards a cause. Being an Air sign, they have none of these qualities. Yet, Scorpio thrives in waters deeper than what Gemini estimates.
However, after some time, Scorpio starts feeling that Gemini is superficial and lacks depth. Gemini criticizes Scorpio for being too inward and solemn. And, hence, these differences that initially attracted them towards each other, can cause them to feel disgusted in the long run if they are not careful enough. When they fight, Scorpio can sulk for days and Gemini can become coldly detached. Gemini and Scorpio partnership can survive for years to come, but only if they are ready to truly communicate with each other and work out the differences.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Gemini and Scorpio make an interesting, odd astrological love match. Gemini is a cool, practical and rational Air sign and Scorpio is a deep, intuitive and emotional Water sign. Predictably, then, the natives of these two signs have almost nothing in common with each other. This works like magic! Both of them get hopelessly intrigued to find someone so opposite to themselves. However, the many differences that initially pull Gemini and Scorpio towards each other might cause them to drift apart later on.
Gemini’s many minds and ever changing personality are enough to cause the naturally cautious Scorpio to wonder and suspect all sorts of things. Scorpio tries to solve the Gemini mystery and in doing so gets confused and trapped even more in it. Gemini is fascinated by Scorpio’s mystic charm and depth, but finds so much intensity hard to comprehend. A considerable time of their relationship, thus, is spent on figuring out each other’s love nature and personality.
The sexual magnetism between Gemini and Scorpio is strong and intense. For Scorpio, sexual oneness with their love interest is some sort of a sacred ritual. Scorpio dives in deeper waters while making love. Unlike Scorpio, however, Gemini is incapable of viewing love as an eternal possession and sex as an all-consuming passion. Gemini must not try to romance Scorpio casually for Scorpio takes being casually loved as an offense and insult.
Scorpio and Gemini can find happiness together if they try to adjust to each other’s markedly different personalities. Gemini will have to ensure that they are being honest and loyal to their Scorpio lover. Scorpio must savor the moment and not try to over analyze their relationship with Gemini. If both of them do not slow each other’s energies down, love and peace will definitely follow.