Gemini Virgo Compatibility

Gemini and Virgo make an amazing team for more reasons than one. Virgo is industrious, resourceful and very hard working and Gemini likes this quality in them. Gemini tends to skip the details and so they are happy with Virgo doing all the micro analyses for them.  Virgo likes Gemini’s logical and rational approach to things.
Gemini can be cool and detached even in long standing partnerships. They do not want confinement and deep bonding of any sorts. Good for them, Virgo is not clingy and demanding, and gives them the space and distance they constantly seek in a partnership.

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Virgo is great with organizing and planning things. Gemini can rough things here and there and lives a not so ordered life and can, thus, learn a lot from their Virgo partners. Virgo is reserved and can learn to make time for more fun and excitement in life from Gemini.
Virgo adores Gemini for the way they diplomatically and tactfully handle difficult people and situations. Mercury is the ruler planet of both Virgo and Gemini, and this makes them impressive orators and conversationalists. If the two enter into a professional partnership, especially for a marketing or PR related field, they can move mountains together.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Gemini is cool and airy whereas Virgo is gentle and earthy by nature, and despite the many possible differences, they also share a lot of common love traits and then some, and this can mean the beginning of an interesting love affair between the two.
Neither of the two lovers views relationship from an overly emotional and sentimental lens. Although this helps set relationship goals and expectations match from the beginning itself, this might also mean that romance between the two would rarely be too intense. In any case, love and romance are never the priority for both Virgo and Gemini, who almost always remain over worked and stressed due to their professional life. The two will need to make constant sincere efforts to give time to each other so that the distance does not let the sparks fade away with time.
There is a difference here, however. Virgo might not be very emotional and romantic, but they make loyal and dependable love partners. They are also family oriented once they take the plunge. Gemini’s fickle mindedness and need for variety, thus, disappoints them.
Let us look at the positives, which are quite many. Both Gemini and Virgo are practical and smart individuals who prefer to have a strong mental connection with someone rather than a purely physical and intimate one. The mental attraction between the two sets in place very early and obviously. When it comes to commitment, both of them want to take their own sweet time. Gemini wants flexibility and openness and Virgo familiarity and trust. And, with time, they can get these things from each other.
Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by the planet of dialogue Mercury. Their relationship will, thence, involve lots of awesome, scintillating and engaging conversations. In fact, one of the major reasons of the successful relationship between Gemini and Virgo is the effective communication between the two. After all, can it get any better if two people who have fallen for each other know exactly how to express their feelings?