Gemini as a Lover

The wheel of Fortune amply swings in the favor of Gemini moon sign in their love-life. However, their tendency to flirt frequently and seek quick changes must be resisted.

Their youthful energy, new ideas, quick changes, intensity of feelings and emotions, cleverness, flexibility and communicative skills makes their life exciting.

At times, over-enthusiasm in love and romance makes them neglect the angle of stability, but they are ready to move at a short notice and act very fast.

Mental tendencies of a Gemini moon sign

People belonging to Gemini moon sign have an inherent desire to reach out to the world with different forms of communication.

They are full of new ideas, concepts and innovation. Once they are stuck with a thought, they will not rest till their thoughts starts taking the form of action.  

Gemini Man in Love  

A Gemini man is flexible and easily adjustable. You will attract him if he notices the same traits in you. He is energetic and wants to continue on the go.

He also wants a mental and physical stimulus, so he mostly enjoys meetings that involve some kind of activity.

The male partners want someone who always agrees to their points. He can put an abrupt end to the relationship if he finds it a source of expense and loss and cannot tolerate an overbearing partner.

On the other hand, they will cover any type of tough roads for their soul mate. They walk on a path filled with thorns to prove their love for their partner.

They are dramatic in love and romance. They have a tendency to flirt which makes them adapt dramatic means and methods.

Gemini has a changeable personality. Love, ecstasy, intelligence, idealism, sorrow or joy- these merciful changes of Gemini’s expressions are very fascinating.

He offers a sense of warm security. He has a restless and unpredictable spirit. He has an exquisite taste. Love is not strictly physical relationship with this man.

Gemini Woman in Love  

Women belonging to Gemini moon sign are very difficult to be understood, being dual in nature. At the same time they are very reliable in case of emergency.

Such damsels are witty, intelligent, lovely but nervous and restless.

Gemini ladies are very intelligent, and want mental companionship. They are somewhat argumentative in nature.

This needs to be worked upon otherwise it could bring problems in relationship. They cannot tolerate any opposition to their wishes and plans, cannot easily be imposed upon.

Love Guide for Gemini moon sign

In terms of zodiac compatibility, the two most compatible signs for Gemini are Libra and Aquarius.

Gemini and Libra Love compatibility

Gemini and Libra create a mutual appreciation of all that is refined, artistic, beautiful, sociable, interesting and informative. Gemini likes to communicate, so he is happy to share with Libra, who in turn, is not satiated or complete when alone.

Gemini partner is very opinionated and Libra has a tendency to take a lot of things their partner says as a personal insult.

Libra is considered a perfect scale to weigh measure and ultimately arrive at a perfect balance. A Libran keeps working hard to create a perfect balance between personal and professional life.

Gemini and Libra love to indulge in long and deep conversations. Both of these are social signs. Natives belonging to Libra and Gemini moon sign love socializing and mingling with people.

This makes them somewhat flirtatious in nature. However, they are very diplomatic in nature and know how to turn things in their favor.

But at the same time, they avoid conflicts most of the time and make sure that they maintain sound relations with their special someone.

Gemini and Aquarius Love compatibility

The lords of these two signs have completely different nature and favorable points. Gemini can accept a detached or unpredictable mood from Aquarius and is mentally stimulated both by Aquarian’s originality and inventiveness. The unconventional and changeable quality of this relationship keeps it interesting.

Being airy sign, Gemini and Libra are very compatible in friendship and relationship matters.

Gemini and Aquarius understand each other perfectly when it comes to their emotions. The unstable nature of Gemini can make them change their mind within no time, and they are not feeling satisfied or good in a relationship, they will set themselves free without giving it a second thought.

In most cases, their logical and sensible nature will complement each other, but there is not much emotion to be built in the core of their relationship.

When Gemini and Aquarius engage in an intellectual debate, they are fun for everyone to watch. They are always brimming with new ideas to showcase their love and emotions to their partners.

Gemini and Libra Sexual and Intimacy Compatibility

Gemini is a passionate and physical lover. Libra and Gemini will engage in an explicit lovemaking. Gemini will find Libra simply captivating. Libras take relationship seriously. As long as Gemini is active and not bored, a love match is relished.

Gemini and Aquarius Sexual and Intimacy Compatibility

Gemini can be playful and mischievous in the bedroom. Aquarius will be sexually experimental and join in the pleasure.

Gemini’s sexual experiments will ignite exploding passion in the bedroom. Aquarius will offer sensuality and creativity to their Gemini lover.

Traits to be corrected

Gemini should avoid getting worried and anxious. They should be cautious to avoid strife. Events will be faster in their life than others, so they should bear with them and not feel disheartened.

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