Gemini Love Horoscope

Gemini man and Gemini woman tend to connect with you more on a mental level than the physical, at least in the beginning stages of the relationship. Ruled by the communication planet Mercury, Gemini lovers are fond of having interesting talks with their partners on various subjects and topics. They are very expressive, perceptive and persuasive by nature.

A typical Gemini mind wavers in many directions…all the time. Gemini can’t stick to one thing, one person and one routine for a very long period. They need variety and constant change. Gemini lover partner can be, in this way, highly unpredictable and unstable. Their interest changes quickly. You never know what they want next.

If you are a hopeless romantic with a sensitive heart that craves a strong bond, and have fallen in love with a Gemini, you are in dangerous waters. While you can look forward to some of the most interesting and sparkling times with a Gemini, do not expect them to fill your heart with emotional warmth and deep sentimentalism. They are not cold, insensitive and heartless as they appear to be. It is Gemini nature to evaluate everything so logically and rationally that all that mushiness and sweet romantic pursuits appear laughable to them.

Gemini individuals are quick to fall in and out of love. They are so charming, interesting and full of youthful energy that getting attracted to them is rather easy.

If you want to hold a Gemini in your arms for a longer haul, you will have to simply enjoy the present and forget worrying about a secure future. Too much emotional sensitivity can scare them off.

Understanding Gemini Love Nature: Signs that tell a Gemini loves you:

Serious love, strong relationships, life-long commitment and “happily ever after” are alien concepts for your Gemini lover. They want to keep the romance fun, casual and lighthearted in all ways possible. Too much emotional closeness and sentimental highs and lows can make them uncomfortable and disinterested at once.
This is not to say that a Gemini heart is immune to love. Often when Gemini falls in love, they take a long time to realize and accept it. When they feel they are getting addicted and attached to someone, their initial reaction is to run away from it. Their behavior and indecisiveness can cause a lot of confusion and misunderstandings. Still, even that stage comes with a long wait.

If we talk about the beginning phases, Gemini man in love and Gemini woman in love will connect with you through various interesting and even flirtatious conversations. If Gemini doesn’t find you interesting to talk to, consider it a deal breaker already. If they seem to like talking to you for hours and hours without getting bored, consider it a very positive sign.

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