Gemini Temperament

Gemini Temperament

Born in Gemini, you are likely to be a good communicator, curious about everything around you. You have the temperament to react spontaneously; most often verbally, love to multi-task, and need versatility.

You habitually like to keep your fingers in every pie, do several things at once. Your need for variety and excitement is such that you seek constant mental stimulation, you may easily get bored with daily routines.

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You are a very charming person, with a good sense of humor. Mentally, you are very sharp, alert, and creative. And with this comes the tendency to over-think. To get the tasks done, you need to focus your energy. Since you love change and welcome excitement, you have an adaptable and compromising temperament.

The Constant Need to Express

You have a way with words - communication is your biggest asset. You may be very talkative.  Moreover, due to your dual personality, you deal with situations in a way that supports non-involvement. You often say what others expect or even imitate others in an attempt to stay out of the game.

Your life is a constant effort to gather information like creating a database and then keep sharing it with others. You have the temperament to learn something new, information is the foundation stone of your emotional fulfillment. You are always well informed, even if your knowledge is shallow.

In fact, even you do study something in-depth to feel that you are aware of the concept. As long as you have collected the basic data, you are good to go.

As you know how to play with words, you often know the right thing to say at the right moment to comfort someone. However, your constant efforts to solve others’ problems even when they just need a pat on the back, really irritates them at times. You shall know where your opinion is not required.

Social Interaction is Your Oxygen

You are a social butterfly and may find that you keep flying from one person to another, from one group to another to gather and share information. Sometimes this sharing of information reaches its extreme and turns into gossip. Many of you love to talk about what is going on in others’ lives. By doing this, you may come off as shallow and fickle, someone who cannot be trusted.

Others may not see you as a good secret keeper and gradually may avoid talking to you. Knowing something does not mean that you always have to spread it to the world.

You have a logical temperament; often detach yourself from any emotional involvement.Your love for constant analysis and rationalization about experiences you have heard of often detaches you from actually experiencing something.

Your mind operates overtime; you study situations intellectually, not paying much attention to the emotions underneath. You are a creative person, with a love for arts, especially music.  You often pick a hobby only to switch to another one next week due to your restlessness and constant need for change.

Hurdles You Face

You have a twin nature; your mood swings often irritate those around you. When you are mentally not stimulated and you have to stick to a daily routine, you become moody and unpredictable with sudden outbursts of emotions.

You are organized generally, but when it comes to the emotional front, you are unsettled, restless, and do not understand responsibilities. Due to your constant need to share information among people and groups, you are not perceived as a good secret keeper.

Your temperament to think too much leads you to emotional conflicts, often torn between two ideas – ‘to do or not to do’. You are so busy at times analyzing and thinking that you appear emotionally detached from the world.

Whenever you face a problem, you want to talk it out. You are more comfortable talking about your feelings than feel your feelings. If you do not take time to understand your emotions and feelings, you may end up baffled every time.