The Gemini Woman Personality

Gemini woman is anything but easy to comprehend. She has a wonderful, vivid personality that is susceptible to overhauls of all kinds. Her interests, expectations and views change and evolve too fast, which could mesmerizingly surprise and annoyingly confuse you at the same time.

As a wife, Gemini woman loves fun-filled, easy romance. She has admirable gift of expression and communication. Her powers of persuasion and great dialogue run high. But getting into deep sentimentality isn’t her thing. She is not heartless and devoid of emotions. She cannot be and do something she doesn’t properly understand.

Positive traits of Gemini Woman in marriage / Relationship:

Gemini woman loves to talk. She would have an opinion on almost everything under the sun. She has an interesting, spontaneous and unpredictable nature that holds the power to win hearts. She is also very imaginative and quirky. It’s fun to be around her. Love and romance with her will be exciting with many unconventional twists.

Negative traits of Gemini Woman in marriage / Relationship:

Gemini love partner might not be able to give you the consistency and regularity you would want after marriage. She changes her mind a little too fast, which can be overwhelming and annoying. If you are a lover of fixed routines and lifestyle, Gemini wife will find it hard to adapt and adjust. If you are overly sentimental and emotional person, Gemini wife can disappoint you with her staunch disbelief in the concept of one, eternal love.

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