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Gemini Career Horoscope

Gemini Career
Gemini at Work:

If there is someone at your office who changes opinions fast, speaks fast, and even walks fast here and there with a strange nervousness and impatience, chances are that he or she is a Gemini.

The typical Gemini mind remains charged with a flurry of thoughts of all kinds. They are mostly seen making use of their strange sense of humor or speaking their truth in a peppy manner back to back to anyone who would listen. Even when they are sitting quietly on their work station, they are processing a whole lot of information. Gemini employees can be, for this reason, the most unpredictable at work. Something is up with them, almost always.

Gemini is highly imaginative and strikingly curious. But it is a different kind of imagination, not the one that would lead into daydreaming and unrealism, for it is always backed up with logical and analytical reasoning. Gemini has a great potential to turn abstract ideas into concrete reality.

Gemini employee is not egoistical and won’t mind taking orders from his superiors. But if he is not given any freedom of action and thought at all, he will lose interest and might also become agitated and edgy.

Gemini: What are they innately good at?

Ruled by the planet that governs communication, thinking and dialogue – Mercury, Gemini individuals have great communication skills and very impressive persuasive abilities.

Besides this, they bear a sharp, curious mind and a general curiosity for life. They are also swift thinkers. Inspired and awed by logic and rationality, their thoughts, however, lack emotional depth and introspection.

With the great gift of gab that they have, they can easily and almost effortlessly manipulate people and turn any situation to their favor. Hence, it is not unusual for them to win arguments and have the last laugh. They may have a strange sense of humor. They can potentially be very good liars.

Best Career Options for Gemini:

Gemini will do their best when they opt for career options that involve PR, media, writing, orating, debating, consultancy, networking, language teaching, etc. and anything that revolves around language, cognition and thought.

Since Gemini individual is many personalities and many minds in one body and can think from many angles at the same time, they can also be great lawyers, stage actors, theatre artists, performers and directors.

Gemini has an innately curious and sharp mind. They are also likely to perform well at professions involving research and discovery.

Besides these, a work routine that is not limiting and fixed, and gives them constant variety, change and mental stimulation will also attract them.

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