Gemini Boss

Gemini Boss

Gemini boss carries at least two diametrically opposite personalities with him, which he shifts time and again as per his convenience. Nobody, not even he, knows what he will be next moment. 

The only thing you must predict with him is that he will change. He can potentially change everything about him, and mostly his mind, and this can fascinate and puzzle anyone at the same time.

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It’s better to pay attention to what your Gemini Boss wants and asks for at the moment, rather than trying to decode his personality and fuss over the changes.

Be fixed and resist change and you will have a miserable time at the office, or keep an open perspective, evolve and change with him, and you will have various opportunities to widen your horizons.

Gemini has a curious mind innately along with great communication skills. He might also have a good sense of humor. Gemini Boss will love to understand different and newer ways and techniques for doing things. He never settles for the old and outdated.

Traditional and fixed routines never impress him. From his opinions, his decisions to work and time policies, and office furniture, everything will keep getting modified constantly.

How to impress the Gemini Boss:

Gemini is ruled by the communication planet Mercury. He likes employees who have good communication skills and can voice their ideas well. Gemini Boss is also an admirer of logic, spontaneity, and rationality.

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