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Gemini as a Person

Gemini as

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac ruled by Mercury. Lord Mercury represents speech. It is considered as the Prince of zodiac system.

According to Vedic Astrology, the names given to Gemini are Hemna and Bodhana.

In general, Gemini is symbolized by “Union of the Male and Female”. When closely looked upon, it signifies two humans embracing each other.

It depicts male and female being involved in perfect union. Whenever male and female energies have a deep urge to reach out to each other, it makes the union extremely meaningful.

There is a basic to need to reach out to the world and express ourselves.

Physical attributes of a Gemini moon sign native

Gemini natives are usually tall and straight in stature and active in motion.

You have a thin but well developed face, elevated nose, clear black eyes, curly hair, and depression near chin, sanguine complexion, thick neck and long slender hands.

You are generally active, charming, lively, youthful and full of life.

Behavioral pattern of a Gemini native

Gemini sign is in its purest form. Therefore, Gemini moon sign natives have an inherent desire to reach out to the world with different forms of communication.

You are full of new ideas, concepts and innovation. Once you are stuck with a thought, they’ll not rest till your thoughts start taking shape of an action.

You are versatile in your approach and this factor makes them excellent conversationalists.

You are chatty, progressive and variety seeker. You cannot stick to one thing for a very long time.

You are highly indecisive and have a restless mind.

You easily get irritated when things do not work in accordance to them.

Profession best suited for Gemini moon sign

  • Writers
  • Bankers
  • Executives
  • Businessmen
  • Accountants
  • Journalists
  • Marketing
  • Advertising

Professional skills of Gemini Person

Gemini moon sign natives are excellent communicators. You have an ability to reach out to people by means of your charming and witty personality.

You are always eager to learn something new. You hardly have any ego issues. This makes them highly adaptable and attentive.

You are brilliant planners. You’ll often find Gemini natives multi tasking. You have the perfect skill-set to blend in with varieties.

Being way too intelligent and brilliant, Gemini moon sign somehow discovers a solution to every problem.

Gemini provide cheerful and positive working environment to your employees.

Gemini Love and Marital relations

As a lover, Gemini moon sign has a dual nature. You can get involved in multifarious relations at one time. But, once you develop true emotions for someone, you’ll place your heart in the hands of that special person. If you get into a serious relationship, your partner will not face commitment issues ever in the entire phase of relationship.

Gemini generally prefers a partner who does not binds your personal space. You believe in live and let live kind of scenario.

You are free spirited, optimistic lovers. Your sense of independence is quite high and you will never appreciate a relationship which will demand compromise of your personal space.

Gemini Family and Friends

Gemini moon sign natives are extremely compassionate and cheerful in domestic matters.

You perform your duties with utmost gratification. You have a special affinity with your home and folks.

You are over protective about your near and dear ones.

You are natural parents/guardians. You can cross any limit to look after your children with utmost sense of duty.

You do not believe in restricting anybody’s freedom but, will keep a keen eye on your closed ones.

Gemini Styling Sense

If you walk in the closet of a Gemini, you will keep on resolving in a wheel of confusions as they have wide variety of attires.

Gemini, you are attracted towards clothes that are bold and still comfortable to wear. You love mix matching colors and patterns like combining dark and light colors with subtle designs and cuts.

When Gemini heads to a closet, they look for a balance between playful and casual.

Regardless of your age, you prefer to dress up in a youthful look and attracted styles that bring out your inner youth and energy.

Whether it’s about your attires, shoes, bags or accessories, you enjoy making a statement out of them.