Gemini Gemini Compatibility

When Gemini meets another Gemini, they can make quite a strong and interesting team, especially in business and professional matters. After all, they will be at least four differently gorgeous minds working together under the same office roof, transforming normal meetings into powerful brainstorming sessions along with coming together of a myriad of perspectives. Not only that, their partnership will also comprise of great friendship, fun outings and socializing together.
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Ruled by the planet of effective dialogue Mercury, both the Gemini natives inevitably love to talk and are, in fact, impressive and persuasive communicators. This implies that expressing opinions and sharing ideas amongst each other will be an important part of the relationship, be it professional or personal.
Like any other partnership, however, this one too will have its fair share of problems as besides being interesting and exciting, Gemini is also known to be unstable and indecisive by nature. There is also a general tendency towards being stressed out, over worked and less organized. It is generally good if at least one of the partners maintains a solid footing on ground. All in all, Gemini natives will have a deep understanding of each other’s ever-changing nature and versatile way of living life, leading to some great and enjoyable times spent together.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Gemini and Gemini usually make a great team for professional and business related matters, but blossoming of love and romance between the two is less likely, but by no means impossible. This is because both of them are experts at making extensive and elaborate use of their head a little too much, even at places where the use of the heart makes much more sense.
Gemini is generally over worked and stressed out in a lot many areas of life. Love is never an all-consuming passion for any Gemini on the planet, and so the two Gemini lovers will need to pay strong focus in this area and take time out for some love and romance, if they want to sustain the relationship.
Planet mercury blesses Gemini with the gift of the gab, and, thus, their relationship will involve great communication and interesting talks. There may also be a lot of exchange of nice poetry, messages and love letters between the two.
Besides a strong mental chemistry, Gemini lovers will also share a colorful and playful time in bed, involving lots of verbal communication and banter related to pleasure. Besides this, they will like each other’s company and would love to go out and socialize together as a couple. Since none of them wants to rush things and take the plunge very early, the issue of commitment is less likely to be a source of concern. Since the partnership will have a general lack of seriousness, responsibility and sincerity, things between these two lovers might start off fast, but would also potentially end fast without any serious longing and bonding.