Gemini Cancer Compatibility

Cancer is a deeply serious and emotional Water sign and Gemini a cool and light Air sign. Both the partners are unusually distinct in their personalities, and possibly have a little or no understanding of each other’s complex nature. If their partnership is strictly professional or related to business, the two can achieve mighty goals together. Still, there will be areas of discord and disharmony.

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Cancer is industrious and determined and might not appreciate the flexibility and easy-going attitude with which Gemini handles even high-risk projects. Gemini is very clever and logical, but is often not very careful and thoughtful with financial dealings. Gemini also likes to have lots of fun and excitement wherever they go. Nothing annoys Cancer more than a casual attitude towards important stuff, more so at work. After a while, Gemini might perceive their Cancer partner to be a little too serious and boring, and rather than confronting the issues, they would make a quick exit from the scene. This makes Cancer feel that their Gemini partner is not so dependable and reliable.
Talking about the positives, Cancer is not very talkative and likes Gemini for their impressive communication skills. Gemini admires Cancer’s strong yet sensitive nature and way of thinking. For long-term partnerships, Gemini rarely goes for surface looks and can only connect with someone with a beautiful mind. Although their watery and airy elements will keep clashing time and again, this partnership has great potential for success.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Coming together of Mercury ruled Gemini and Moon ruled Cancer seems to be the augmentation of an odd yet interesting love affair at the best, where both the love partners will learn a lot from each other. There are striking differences in the personalities of Gemini and Cancer that can fire instant love sparks, at least in the initial phases of courtship. This partnership can work wonders in the long run also, provided other planetary aspects are favorable and harmonious.
Talking about the love nature, Cancer is way too sentimental, emotional and sensitive and Gemini is rational, logical and cool as a cucumber even in the matters of the heart. Cancer wants to lock their partner into solid commitment, build a peaceful and nurturing family and spend rest of the life raising kids. Gemini wants a life of fun, freedom, and zero confinement, along with unreasonable flexibility in the area of commitment. Cancer wants stability and security. Gemini wants excitement and variety. Predictably, at least one of them has to make adjustments to their romantic expectations and relationship goals. Or else, this will potentially invite trouble in the paradise.
Despite these differences, Cancer and Gemini can be a fairly good love match. Cancer will bring sensuousness, sentimentality and emotions in the life of Gemini. Gemini is a real charmer and can teach Cancer to not be serious and solemn all the time. Gemini will also convince them to make time for fun activities in life. Cancer remains a bit introvert and conservative, and can truly enjoy Gemini’s company for this reason. Gemini will adore Cancer’s way of expressing love with sentimental poetry and deep, sensuous touch. This is not a classical astrological pairing, and indeed Gemini and Cancer lovers will have to face certain challenges to make this union work. But, as they say, if you really love the other person, every ounce of effort made for them is worth it.