Gemini Pisces Compatibility

Pisces and Gemini are diametrically opposite individuals. When they come in contact for a professional or a social interaction, they realize this difference in their nature rather quickly. Gemini can impress Pisces with their flawless communicative style and confidence. Pisces easily triggers Gemini’s curiosity and interest. There is hardly anything common between them, and this can act as a catalyst for either building a strong attraction or quick repulsion.
Gemini has two different faces and they put on either of them depending on the situation they are in. This leads to Pisces sensing some sort of a danger near them, and, well, their intuition hardly fails them. When Gemini tries to understand and measure the depth of the emotions of Pisces, they get baffled up with all the drama surrounding it.

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When they join hands for a professional association, especially one that requires experimentation, originality and artistic freedom, Gemini and Pisces can bring different elements together, leading to the best of both worlds kind of a scenario. Gemini can do a good job at the marketing and communications front, and Pisces can do fabulous things with their imagination and creative nature.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Can the deep, mystical and sentimental water sign Pisces find true love and happiness in the arms of cool, light-hearted and ever-changing airy sign Gemini? Astrology would come up with an answer that none of these two natives, who have just fallen for each other, would really like to hear. Still, the sooner they realize their different love natures and challenges associated with it, the better it will be for their relationship.
When a Gemini and a Pisces come close and try to find a soul mate connection in each other, the universe throws them a curveball and they get mixed love signals. Pisces is looking for mushiness, soft rose petals, wine, candlelight dinners, rain, moonlight walks and sweet nothings in their ears. In the beginning, Gemini gets fascinated by the idea of romancing their Pisces partner this way, but after sometime, all of it gets in over their head. When Gemini falls in love, they like to question and challenge the set norms associated with it. Then again, Gemini might fail to adhere to the idea of true love altogether.
Gemini is more articulate and expressive than their Pisces partner. They also have an interesting ability to turn the argument in their favor through careful manipulation of information. Pisces thrive on intuition, refrain from objective reality and try to convey their feelings with mystic silence. They get hurt easily with blunt, objective remarks of Gemini. After a fight, Gemini prefers to deal with the issue by talking and playing with words. Pisces, however, sulk and disappear to recharge their batteries.
Gemini fail to see and comprehend the world the way Pisces does. Pisces, on the other hand, would feel they are failing to reach the Gemini heart. The Gemini Pisces love match, in many ways, would be unusual, bizarre and hard to fathom. But, at least, impossible and unruly is definitely what it is not, and that should be like a bright light at the end of the tunnel for these two lovers.