Gemini Taurus Compatibility

Taurus is an Earth sign while Gemini is an Air sign. This makes little space to share any common interests between the two. Gemini is curious and lacks patience. Taurus tends to follow a slow and steady approach while working & Gemini finds it very hard to adjust. Gemini wants a flexible and versatile partner and Taurus is neither. Taurus follows the textbook ways, while Gemini uses their logic and rationality to experiment whenever possible.

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Taurus respects & adores sharp mind and spontaneity of Gemini, but the ever-changing personality of Gemini can be very confusing & misleading for Taurus. Taurus tends to remain stable & fixed, & is not readily acceptable to change without a purpose. Gemini is very persuasive & can efficiently convince people to trust them; however, this charm usually fails to work on Taurus. The two signs can take some time to completely understand each other & until then, no one knows what surprises this match may experience.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Love compatibility for this pair is anything but easy to understand. While Gemini can be light hearted, emotionally detached and casual in relationships, Taurus is much more emotional & sincere. The different outlooks towards relations make their expectations clash too often. Taurus wants to be with someone who can be trusted & who wants to settle in life. Gemini, on the contrary, wants a scintillating relationship with no strings attached & a constant turn of events to add a new flavor in their life every day. Plenty of adjustments will be needed on both the ends if this relationship is to survive. Taurus will have to understand that Gemini isn’t always looking for a new partner but only new ways to love the same partner, while Gemini must understand the fixed point of view that drives Taurus towards stability in life.

Taurus and Gemini are not astrologically highly compatible & thus, this bond will need a lot of efforts & working if they truly want to survive. Gemini will have to prove that they are truthful & loyal towards their Taurus partner and Taurus will have to take initiatives to be more acceptable & flexible towards change. The final answer to the question whether the two are meant to last lies within the hearts o both the lovers. If they are willing to make small sacrifices for each other, then they can bring out the best in each other & achieve greatness together.