Gemini Capricorn Compatibility


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Astrology Compatibility

Capricorns are industrious and hard working. They know how to get things going. They believe in building strong structures on even stronger foundations. Gemini can bring in the creative, the logical and the colorful dimension to the working association. While Capricorns love working behind the scenes, Gemini can take charge of being the cover of the organization. And, in this way, Gemini and Capricorn could make a great professional team.
All is not always perfectly harmonious and in sync, however, when Capricorns join hands with Gemini. Capricorn could confuse the multiple faces and ever changing ideas of Gemini with their lack of clear strategy and vision. They would not appreciate too many changes, time flexibility and unpredictability in the business plans. However, for Gemini, change is what one needs to be at the top. Both Capricorn and Gemini would need to adjust to their different working styles and understand their professional intentions well before any of the rest of it.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Capricorns are the creatures of habit, routine and discipline. They function well when everything around them lies in rigid and fixed orders. Anything unstable and unpredictable honestly puzzles them to the core. Their expectations from love, relationships and marriage are no different. But that does not describe the way of life of any Gemini, at least when they are in charge of their own life. Gemini likes freedom, unpredictability and constant upheaval. They would prefer an unfathomable love story that provokes them to think.
So when the heart of a Capricorn collides with that of a Gemini, even if there is no real love in the air, there is lots of lovely confusion. A Capricorn who has just fallen in love with a Gemini partner would almost certainly fail in possessing the ability to see the world of love in an abstractly colorful form with an ever changing flux of emotions as will the Gemini. Gemini get attracted to the strikingly opposite love nature of Capricorn very fast, but they are not comfortable in strictly holding on to it. They want excitement and, after due calculation, they just might arrive at a conclusion that marital life with Capricorn could be dull. It will not be, and Gemini will only need time to truly understand that.
Both Capricorn and Gemini have lusty appetites, so they can make up for the lack of deep emotional sentimentality in their bond with their passionate sexual chemistry. Although, this is not a classical astrological pairing that is destined to work in all odds, if the two partners are patient enough, in the long run, they can give each other exactly what they don’t even acknowledge they need from love and life.