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Gemini - An Overview; Read All About Gemini Horoscope

Gemini -

If you have a Gemini friend, need we tell you anything? You may already know everything about them, for they are quick to tell it all, they love to talk!  Being a Gemini moon, emotional satisfaction comes from communication. You just can’t stop talking about your feelings, thus when it comes to love compatibility, you will gel with someone who can bear with your endless chatter. You are a social butterfly, thus you may not be compatible with possessive signs who may clip your wings to keep you from flying away. You are fun to be around, a very charming person with a childlike quality. Planetary placement though often turns this ‘childlike’ demeanor into ‘childish’ behavior at times. Symbolized by twins, Gemini tend to have a dual nature, which makes them moody and indecisive.

This Gemini Horoscope Reading is based on Moon Sign, a very important Astrological Mark to know your future. Are you a Gemini Moon Sign? Find it out instantly.

is quickest of all planets, which gives you a jumpy personality. The speed at which Mercury travels can be associated with your speed of endless thoughts. It allows you to talk tactfully and listen patiently, but not act confidently.

Gemini is an air sign, thus there is a flighty quality about you. Air keeps switching momentum, and this explains your changeable personality, moodiness and flux.

Again, the mutable quality of Gemini puts you in a situation of ‘constant flux’. You have a breezy personality, making you quickly adapt to situations. Gemini tend to have flexible ideals, they are not stubborn as to adapt to the environment to their needs and wants. Rather, they adapt themselves to suit the environment. This also makes you prone to irresolution, as you cannot hold onto things and values when you need to keep things as they are. You are more likely to give up to what situation demands than what you yourself want.

Gemini Strengths
include adaptability and smartness. You are the most-spirited and lively of the zodiac signs, much like a breath of fresh air. You may be moody at times, but your wit and humor make up for it.  You are very intelligent and clever; a know-it-all person, a storehouse of knowledge.

Gemini Weaknesses
include a wavering personality makes it difficult for people to trust you. Your adaptability quickly turns into inconsistency due to duality in nature. You tend to talk about your feelings, than actually feel them. This makes your communication a little superficial in nature.

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