Gemini Love Horoscope - Marriage

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. This is an air sign and dual sign. It is an active sign and ruled by an active planet Mercury.  This planet is a very naughty and active planet. So, a Gemini rising, sun or Moon also will be an active person, unless until Mercury is not in a complex mode. If Mercury is not combust, retrograde or debilitated, then you may expect better results from a Gemini. A Gemini is like air, they want to fly high and they don’t like any restrictions. You will see them as a crowd puller.

Gemini is the sign for communication, intellect, socialization, studies and small groups. So, if Mercury is in a great mode, then Geminis will be very active. They like people like them, who like active communication. They search for new friendships and groups, and no one can stop them. More than Gemini males, females are very talkative. Males may be more interested in learning new technologies.  They are busy people, but they may have difficulty in going in-depth into any matter.

The ever-changing nature of Gemini will make some trouble for them in staying in a relationship. The symbol of Gemini itself is twins. So, they always fluctuate, whether to be in a relationship or not to be in. They don’t like to get in-depth of any matter.  So, it may be difficult for a person to get a commitment from a Gemini. This is a dual sign, so Geminis will have multiple opinions regarding the same subject.

Geminis are multitasking, so, it may be very difficult for them to be available.  They will not be able to focus on one thing for a long time. So, if you are an earth sign and you are dating a Gemini, then there will some issues in the relationship.  Geminis may have difficulty in focusing on one person, because the Gemini sign itself says, they are made for socialization.

Geminis are very confident and adaptable, but they like to be very selfish. They will not take anything seriously if they don’t feel the need. This attitude can create issues with a partner. They like intelligent people, so if you like Gemini, then better you start upgrading yourself.

They will always be analytical and that can be a big turn off. They may demand reasons and the partner may have to give them valid reasons. This process can bring some bad vibes into the relationship.

Gemini needs a friend in their partner. They want to talk and share their daily life. If their partner is not talkative, then they may feel stuck in the relationship.  More than a physical connection, they like to get connected mentally. So, they may not be that interested in a heart to heart connection, so a possessive person can have relationship issues with Geminis. A possessive person may try to protect a Gemini, but they don’t like to get protected. They feel like a congested person in such love. So, if you are in love with a Gemini, then stop pestering them.

Remember one thing if you are crushing about a Gemini. They may make you feel special through words, but they do that with everyone. So, don’t get into any wrong assumptions. It is very difficult to identify whether they are in love or not. They are always happy to go lucky if Mercury is not in a bad mode.

They don’t like possessiveness and they don’t want to be possessive about you. They will not have any problem with you going out with friends or they will not hesitate to introduce you to anyone. They want you also to be communicative and exploring the fun part of life. They will not look at your looks, but they will surely look at your IQ. 

If you are dating a Gemini, then you must notice a few things. They can get moody and withdrawing. They have difficulty in taking up responsibility.  So, majorly Earth signs like Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn will have difficulty in understanding the flexible Gemini.  The main problem in their relationship will be the irresponsible nature of a Gemini.

Their inconsistent nature can be a big turn off for stable signs.   They may be extremes sometimes and even blame the other when get questioned. It will be very difficult for a Gemini to be accountable. They don’t anyone asking for accountability. So, you have to very careful while asking your Gemini about their accountability.

They like to gossip a lot and that makes them very busy, at times, they won’t even hesitate to conspire. This also can be a problem in a relationship as others may feel that they use their skills in the wrong direction. If Mercury has a negative influence, then they can be very deceptive.

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