Are you meant for each other? Is your partner lucky for you? Are you both compatible? How long will your relationship last? Vedic Astrology can answer these and more questions with an ancient technique used in Horoscope or Kundali Matching.


How does Vedic Astrology assess your alliance?

  • Horoscopes of two individuals are studied in detail and then compared or matched together to assess the strengths, shortcomings, opportunities, & risks.
  • The ancient technique of Ashthakoot Guna Milan is used, which analyses 8 parameters that together cover 36 factors that need to be considered for matching the horoscopes of a couple.
Personal egos, compatibility & comparison of basic skills & abilities of the two individuals.
Similarity of preferences, interests, styles, & ability to adjust & compromise for each other.
Sexual & biological compatibility, love & mutual attraction.
Compatibility in outlook, objectives, & intellectual levels. Prospects of progeny & mutual affection.
Temperament & mutual behavior for everyday dealing.
Overall prosperity of the couple & growth of family & welfare.
Duration of the relationship.
Hereditary factors for genetic compatibility.


What can you expect in the Love Compatibility Report?

  • Mindset Compatibility
  • Sexual Compatibility
  • Instincts & Comfort Match
  • Personality Match
  • Children & Growth of Family Match
  • Finances with Partner