Gemini Sagittarius Compatibility

The air element of Gemini and the fire element of Sagittarius interact and blend quite wonderfully. Put in simple words, Gemini and Sagittarius get on well with each other fairly well most of the times. Both of them are rather distinct personalities who, surprisingly, envy each other’s qualities and attributes, perhaps because none of them completely has what the other has but wants to have it nonetheless.
Gemini and Sagittarius are very different from each other, yet they remarkably share some traits. For instance, both of them have flexible and adaptable natures. Both of them do not like fixed routines and set patterns, and seek change, fun and excitement from life. Gemini wants a regular change in their environment because they themselves evolve everyday, every second. For Sagittarius, however, this has more to do with the discovery of truth by means of experimentation and exploration.

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Gemini admires Sagittarius for their rational, clear and logical thinking. Deep down inside, they are convinced that they need the motivation, ideas, sincerity and energy drive with which Sagittarius aims for larger goals in their life. Sagittarius enjoys the cool poise and casual side of fun loving Gemini as well as the myriad of personalities Gemini exhibits time and again. Sagittarius also gets impressed with the persuasive conversationalist that Gemini is.
Both of them will have lots of good time together, whether they are socializing in a club or brainstorming in the boardroom. If they join hands for business or professional projects, they can achieve together in days what others cannot achieve in years. Gemini and Sagittarius partnership undoubtedly shows great potential.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Cool and fun loving Air sign Gemini and happy-go-lucky and brilliant Fire sign Sagittarius make a superbly compatible love match, quite predictably as fire and air elements blend fairly harmoniously with each other to ignite the passions of love between the natives of these two signs.
For both Gemini and Sagittarius, attraction mostly happens in the mind and mental chemistry is far more important than just physical bonding. Gemini is likely to fall for the inquisitive, curious, knowledge-seeking individual that Sagittarius is. Sagittarius finds Gemini an equally brilliant soul that matches their intellect. The initial phase of their love relationship might comprise of great scintillating conversations, where both of them would enjoy widening their horizons in each other’s company.
Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is a persuasive and impressive talker. Gemini knows how to use words to their advantage. Sagittarius also loves to talk, but their style is blunt and lacks insincere manipulation. Gemini might get offended by this initially, but they will get used to this very soon and, perhaps, will also learn to be more honest in the relationship.
Both Gemini and Sagittarius love going out, catching up with old friends and making new contacts. For this reason, both of them usually have lots of friends, that too from diverse fields. Most likely, these two lovers will have a great time partying together and socializing in each other’s friend circle. Sexual chemistry between the two is equally awesome and colorful. Change and variety in the sexual technique will be there and, hence, both of them are less likely to get bored with each other even after several years pass. Gemini and Sagittarius love match can indeed turn out to be one of the best in astrology.