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Moon Sign based
Today Oct 18, 2019: Your energy levels are not at their peak today. You must try to do the best you can to pep up your mood or your personal and professional lives suffer. If any challenging matter comes up, you are advised to handle it with care and patience. Postpone important work related activities and meetings for another day if you want to perform better and more zealously. Likewise, avoid holding major money transactions on this day.
Actions that promise success TODAY & what you must AVOID today.
Career : Your expenditure will increase beyond your control. Health problems could also be there. Your opponents may try to damage your reputation. Anyhow, service conditions will be satisfactory but work burden is clearly indicated.
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Love : There are strong chances of getting problems too but you are required to put little extra efforts to achieve the merits of love. Family atmosphere, on the whole will remain quite cordial.
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