Libra and Scorpio Compatibility

Libra and Scorpio can bring great, diametrically opposite energies into any venture they work together in. Libra brings a beautiful mix of creativity, logic and philosophical touch and Scorpio infuses passion, hard work and smartness. If other aspects of their natal charts show harmony, this partnership can do wonders.

Being an Air sign, Libra loves to talk and rationally discuss things. However, constant argumentation and confrontation by Scorpio leads them to drop the conversation and seek partnership with someone else. Scorpio treats such a behavior as disloyalty and betrayal.

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Ruled by Mars, Scorpio likes to make quick and often impulsive decisions. Libra thinks a lot and appears indecisive to Scorpio. Libra would need time to match the pace of Scorpio. Ruled by Venus, Libra is a charmer who knows how to diplomatically turn every wrong into right. Scorpio can learn from Libra how to get things going without offending others.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

  Cool-headed, Air sign Libraand intense, Water sign Scorpio might feel a natural, sexy inclination and magnetic pull towards each other. The natural ruler of Scorpio is Mars and that of Libra is Venus, which bring heavy dose of romance and passion in this love match.

Both Libra and Scorpio have a special place for love in their lives, and none of these two signs take relationship matters roughly. Libra loves to fall in love and is happiest when partnered with a likeminded person. For Scorpio, love is a sacred territory.

Libra has marriage and kids on the mind from the beginning of the relationship, but needs lots of time before making any permanent decision. Scorpio seeks unmatched loyalty, honesty and commitment from their partner. Both of them have the nearly the same end goals, but the way they want things to happen is different. Meanwhile, Libra loves to flirt and charms everyone around time and again, which does not go very well with the Scorpio lover. Scorpio is possessive and jealous by nature, and these traits upset and annoy Libra a lot.

Scorpio can help Libra reach newer heights in ecstasy, experience the most passionate lovemaking and dive in limitless emotional depths. Libra loves to date and play, but sees a loving, potential life partner in Scorpio. The Scorpio-Libra love match shows phenomenal potential.