The Libra Man Personality

Libra man is soft, kind and gentle. He is a charmer through and through, and a hopeless romantic daydreamer. He is in constant look out to form partnerships, romantic as well as business, which give his life a sense of completeness. Any Libra on the planet is never happy when alone.

Ruled by the love and beauty planet Venus, Libra men are admirers of good looks and glamour. This is, perhaps, the first thing they notice in their potential partners. Libra man loves to flirt and romance even if they are not in love. When it comes to impressing women, they know the technique very well.

Libra is a sign of equality, balance and harmony. In committed partnerships and marriage, Libra man likes to maintain a peaceful environment at home. Libra husbands get annoyed with arguments and conflict like no one else.

Positive traits of Libra Man in marriage / Relationship:

Libra love partner is awesomely romantic and affectionate. He likes to do things together as a couple. He has a soft and sweet nature, and generally doesn’t like to hurt his partner.

Negative traits of Libra Man in marriage / Relationship:

Libra man is annoyingly indecisive and fickle-minded most of the times. He also hates direct confrontation and discussion. He adores beauty and has a flirtatious nature, which could, inevitably, make any sincere and loyal partner very jealous and angry.

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