Libra Man Personality

Libra represents the scales and is a cardinal sign. Libra represents balance and level-headedness. These are air signs and have penchant for being social butterflies. They are ruled by Venus which also gives them the Venusian quality to appreciate beauty.

Libra Man Personality


Libra men are quite outgoing and people-charmers. They have attractive personalities and an even attractive resume. Yes, they’re intellectuals who do well academically and professionally. How he's seen in society matters to him and he will ensure that his watch is a Rado which has come from his high-paying package.

He will ensure that he gets the highest package professionally and the hottest girl in college as his girlfriend. She’s ought to be super-feminine in her looks, naturally; and of beautiful etiquette and manners. Presentable, extremely feminine, well-read, great mannerisms and sophisticated is the type he pursues. He is level-headed man and solution-oriented. He looks at the optimistic side of things, hates gossip, and is fair in his everyday dealings.

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For the ladies, it’s a treat to find a man who can listen. And Libra is just that. He’s social with everyone but with his loved ones, he listens more than he speaks. He also is quite observant and unbiased with his loved ones. He wont stand by your wrong behaviors just because you’re in his life. He has the ability to look at both sides of the spectrum and then come up with conclusions. However, he has issues with decisiveness.

The best thing about a libra is that even though its an air sign, its ruled by Venus which has very earthy qualities such as love for nature of all forms. A Libra would take pleasure in exploring the mountains just as much as strolling with you on the beach. They appreciate beauty, are peace-loving and calm people.

Behavioral constitution of a Libra man

A Libra is a complete man. He is masculine in his disposition, calm in mind, romantic- just enough to make a girl melt (nothing more, nothing less), emotionally balanced, a listener, a problem-solver- getting to the core of it and uncomplicating it, the kind who will give a healthy relationship, intelligent- academically and practically, well-liked by all, doesn’t show-off and is logical in his approach, not to mention good with finances, both making it on his own and keeping it as well.

  • He is masculine but not dominating, which makes for a pleasing mate mostly.
  • He has the rare gift of listening to all sides and rationally coming to an unbiased conclusion which will not be superficial.
  • They are cool, calm and collected and rarely lose their temper. Forgiving in nature and quite a good human being.
  • They are seriously involved in love relationships, but expect their girl to be naturally feminine, curvaceous- from head to toe, and someone who is genuine and artistic. They do not like any thing that is not natural such as efforts to look something you’re not.
  • They are likely to be attracted to timid behaviors who is not sarcastic, puts her word across without hurting others and intelligently, and women who are something along the lines of looking like a barbie.
  • They have a weakness for women in high-heels. They also prefer the athletic types but mostly those involved in sports- volleyball, basketball or soccer.
  • Feminine women but not the cheerleader types, rather one who plays and speaks with caution and doesn’t use her words loosely.

Libra men, romantic and are extremely devoted. The Vishakha constellations that fall in Libra sign denotes the love story of ‘Radha & Krishna’, the ultimate love birds and the symbol of Romanticism in Indian mythology, and second constellation Swati, which symbolizes the first drop of rain that creates the pearl. This resembles the purity, beauty and fair character. The last pada of Chitra falls in the Libra zodiac which give these men a very excusive personality, often known as the lone rangers. They can stand tall while they stand alone from the rest of the world.

Style sense of a Libra man

Libra men have a good fashion sense. You’d never see this man wearing a suit without cufflinks, probably high-end metal or diamond, if required. He prefers some statement piece that highlights his looks. Delicacy is of prime importance. They would only wear quality attires, even if it’s a casual t-shirt. They love elegance, and subtlety is the key for this man, which is quite evident in his dressing sense.

Personal Life Roles

Libras are the fun element in any group setting. If you have a libra Moon in your group, you know what we’re talking about! They’re the life of the party. Whether it be a Friday night with friends or a family function, they are what keeps the show going and they love both equally. They will engage you in pleasant talks and will be a charming host. They have a penchant for order and harmony in life and like peace and harmony to rule their domestic and immediate surroundings.

As a Son

A libra son is someone parents might depend on. He will take care of not just their health and well-being but also ensure that they’re feeling good generally.

  • He’s the man who would suggest and take his parents out on a vacation or ensure that their unfulfilled dreams like seeing more of the world is fulfilled. He’s not there to just take care of them in old age, but ensure that he is the one giving them a life which they’re living king-size.
  • He is likely to take on all the stress or concerns of the family upon his shoulders and never mention it verbally. Right from budgeting and finance, to taking care of business, to ensuring their parent’s dreams are fulfilled and they’re having a peaceful retired life, they’ll take care of it all, almost naturally.
  • As a kid, he’s pleasing and sweet and is close to both his parents equally. He will ensure that He gives and receive love from parents throughout his life and live up to their expectations. Family is important to this man and parents are high up on the list.

As a Brother

Librans are balanced people which make them great siblings. They’re not dominant and are easy-going with their siblings as well.

  • Responsible and loving as an elder brother who knows all her sister’s/brother’s secrets because they openly share it with them and look up to them as well. They have a lot of compassion for their siblings, you will never see them quarrelling. He is protective but liberal as well.
  • Younger Librans are extremely respectful of their siblings. They will never, even by mistake get into an argument with them. They are always one who’s clear headed, strong in mind and sorts the situation then and there.

As a Friend

Libra are social beings and have a huge friend circle. They’re mostly the ones who’re present in the moment. You wont find them taking pictures or looking for attention because people might be busy clicking them randomly and tagging him all over social media. He might get tired of it. rather, he prefers living and enjoying with his friends in the moment and he’s generally so busy doing it that he forgets everything else.

  • He hates confrontation, much like Taurus. And generally doesn’t like getting in serious or talks that could lead to arguments. Even regarding serious things, it better to let them know in short and sweet manner and leave the rest on him to think over and get back to you, which they generally will.
  • He has extremely high expectations from his friends and take people who make him feel good about himself. He likes being buttered, which can be a flaw. But he’s a true friend with most of his school friends still around him and including him without asking.
  • He is diplomatic, which means he doesn’t stir up any controversy, doesn’t get involved in any controversy, and doesn’t like controversies in general. He has almost no enemies. He does not involve in anything that is even slightly negative, and his intuition guides him to leave the situation at the earliest in the most diplomatic way possible.

As a Lover

A libra is a man who’s really sought after by females. You will see a lot of women trying their best to seduce this man all over his life right from within the classroom, to his colleagues, to women trying to make eyes with him in public, to women trying to play their tricks. Guess what? This man falls for none!

  • He’ll generally go for someone that you didn’t realize could be his choice. Studious girls sitting in a library that no one takes notice of, or the sports captain who minds her own business, or a girl who’s a friend and never thought of him ‘that way’. Any girl who’s gentle and doesn’t show off, but has a lot to show is his type.
  • He’s gentle, caring, and a people’s person, but his choices are mixed. He needs someone who has the same disposition but is more focused and decisive and clear-headed than he himself is.
  • When it comes to romance, he is not impulsive or ruled by sexual passion.
  • He’s level-headed which makes him bring just the right amount of passion, emotion and practicality in his relationships.
  • You won’t see him crying after a break-up, or running after a woman. He is very respectful and a confidante whether throughout the relationship or afterwards. His exes will be secure that their secrets are completely safe with him, and he will be very cordial and respectful about her/them in conversations with others even long after.
  • He is ruled by Venus, a planet that stands for fairness, beauty and gentleness and if his horoscope supports it well, all the above characteristics will be well-formed.
  • He is quite the flirt from outside and an die-hard loyal from inside. He might be into friendly-flirting now and then just to make a woman cheer up, but he’s not someone who’ll let a woman try on him casually, if so happens he will make it clear he’s taken.
  • They’re thoughtful and don’t prefer making impulsive decisions in relationships, whether before entering one or leaving one. Every choice is well-thought. A proposal from a Libra comes after he spends years being ‘just a friend’ with no benefits attached. He needs to be sure that a woman is careful with her heart, and then he goes further. (this is a rule for Libra men & women both)

Most attracted to: Aries & Scorpio

As a Husband

Libra are selfless lovers and husbands. They keep their partner’s happiness above their own. If self-sacrifice was the epitome of love, Libra would do it without giving it a second thought.

  • He will always, in every literal term that there is, always keep you first. Whether you need space, whether you want to be loved, whether you want to be experimental in bed, whether you want a vacation, whether you want to leave, this man doesn’t question. You might wonder how’s such a man alive and possible, you’re just lucky.
  • That is not to say that this man doesn’t keep his desires forward. He will not need to do so because he generally expresses it when he feels like, some really surprising and out of place ‘I love You’s’ will present itself almost out of nowhere. He loves to laugh around and keep his woman happy and he’s a natural at that.
  • He does tend to get lazy sometimes and kind of depends upon his mate to take the lead as well, so bigger decisions can be made together with his partner taking the lead.
  • In a world full of dominance, here is a man who gives selflessly, no matter what your desire.

Best compatibility for marriage: Aries.

As a Father

A libra is a parent that every child deserves. They will never pose their wishes on their children, encourage them for whatever they want, help them in understanding an pursuing their passions, and fight the world to defend those innocent passions, if required. They are kind, empathetic, understanding and balanced in emotions while dealing with children.

  • He will teach them the importance of fairness in every situation, much like he himself is.
  • He will assist them in their studies and homework, which will never be missed, since he was quite the topper himself. He will ensure all other pursuits are taken care of after the studies and homework are completed.
  • He is one who gives importance to other segments of life as well, so while he wouldn’t be as strict, his emphasis also doesn’t go away from making time for his married life and social circle along with children and father duties.

Professional Life Roles

A Libra Moon man is a diligent professional. He is target-oriented and is determined to achieve balance in life. Libra man is good at striking a healthy work-life balance and performing both his roles with élan. They have good organization skills and are one of the warmest colleagues you will ever get to work with. They tend to work well in a group than in independent setups. Some fruitful professions for Libra man include Lawyers, Judges, Diplomats, Designers, and Composers.

All professions that either carry a sense of justice and fairness or beauty and art are where you’ll likely find a Libra at.

As a Student

Libra Moon male students are free-spirited and a little lazy, too. They are aware that something needs to be completed and will likely work at the 11th hour.

  • They prefer to go easy at studies but will ensure their grades don’t sink. They are the ones who don’t look like they’re serious about studies or work, but the end result is always staggering with over and above performance at the end of the schedule. Their marks are always in the higher range.
  • They’re likely to be in some form of sports, since being an air sign they don’t stay in one place. Anything that involves physical exercise but without trying for fitness, such as soccer, or volleyball which is fun and keeps you moving as well.

As an Employee

Libra Moon employees make for hardworking and moralistic workers. Much like the nature of symbolic scales, Libra Moon man is not swayed away by extreme optimism or pessimism. They know how to create just the right equilibrium in professional life to maximize productivity.

  • They have good convincing powers and excellent communication skills. They get their job done in almost no time, whether professionally or personally. You’ll never seeing them acting out of order, they’ll very tactfully and respectfully convince a customer for anything they’re selling.
  • They work very well in group projects, creating a niche for themselves while assisting in delivering a quality output.

As a Boss

As a boss, Libra man is highly imaginative and patient. They like hardworking and obedient employees. They are not impulsive and will take a good amount of time to form a decision. They want their employees to abide by certain rules and regulations and be loyal and honest. They are quite liked by their employees and provide for a friendly work environment.

  • He likes strong and sturdy subordinates and values good work. A Libra male boss will never hesitate to appreciate and reward a deserving employee.
  • He is a good listener and will be all ears to your valuable suggestions and feedback on any project, product, or service.

As a Business Professional

Libra Moon born men make for mediocre business professionals. Due to their indecisive and careful nature, seeking a correct option will be a task for them. This may result in missing out on fruitful opportunities, at times. They do not tend to plan in advance and that may backfire in business-critical situations.

  • They are not impulsive and far away from being risk-takers. Any immediate information or inputs will put a break to his pace of work.
  • You will always find him in a state of dilemma, which doesn’t work very well in a dynamic business environment.