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Libra Man

Libra Man

Ruled by Venus, this earthy sign is level-headed and peaceful. Libra moon sign man is no deviation from the intrinsic characteristic of Venus, and are thus blessed with a charming and attractive personality. Represented by the sign of balancing scale, they are fair in their day-to-day dealings and are justice lovers.

Libra Man is a good listener and has the rare ability to look at both the aspects – positive and negative, before making a decision. They are an air sign with good imagination and intellect.

A Libra moon sign born man can be quite indecisive and reluctant in expressing his thoughts and feelings. He avoids arguments but is considered to carry a grudge. He is a romantic and passionate lover and once committed will hold on to the relationship for life.

Physical attributes of a Libra man

A Libra moon sign born man will be characterized by a mid to tall stature, attractive appearance, and sensual disposition. He has a broad face and is your typical tall and handsome guy with balanced features.

Behavioral constitution of a Libra man

The behavioral constitution of a Libra man is largely pragmatic. He is romantic, charming, warm, and compassionate. He is sensitive but manly and quite emotionally balanced. Their inborn intelligence may have a lot to do with their logical approach towards life as they have the rare gift of listening to both sides of the argument and bring about a rational solution. They are cool, collected, and will very rarely lose their temper. Even when they do get angry or upset, they are quick to get over it. They are forgiving in nature and are peace-loving beings.

Style sense of a Libra man

Libra Man are a good fashion sense and they style themselves with grace and delicacy. They like elegant prints and subtle colors. But you will find a certain balance in their wardrobe with a mix of statement pieces and basic designs.


Libra moon sign man is intelligent and intuitive. They are fun to hang out with. Family values and traditions carry a lot of weightage in their life. They are superb communicators and can captivate people in their engaging talks for a long and are considered the life of a social gathering or party. They make for great hosts with that charming and attractive personality. Libra man has a penchant for order and harmony in life and like peace and kindness to rule their domestic and immediate surroundings.

Libra as a Son

A Libra moon sign born man is a very emotional and caring son. He will have a sense of responsibility towards his parents and home. As a young lad, he is sweet and polite but could be uncertain at times. He is a peace-loving kid and craves companionship.

  • They possess great social skills and have a gift of gab.
  • They cannot stand the stress in domestic life and will always work towards creating harmony at the home front.

Libra as a Brother

A Libra man as a  brother is gentle and caring toward his siblings. He will pay attention to the minutest of the details concerning his siblings. He is responsible and loving as a brother. A Libra man is a source of fun and laughter and has a lot of compassion for their siblings.

  • As an elder brother, he will ensure your safety and will be protective of you.
  • As a younger brother, he will be respectful and loving towards you. You will never find him arguing with you unless the situation is such. But even if he does, at times, he will be quick to forget and move on.

Libra as a Friend

Libra man is highly social and tends to have a big friend circle. He is sensitive and caring towards his friends. He is empathetic and will hardly ever get into a confrontational mode. Even when provoked, he is quick to regain composure and lend a patient ear to listen to your side of the argument. They are believed to choose friends who can make them feel superior. Their expectations from their friends are too high.

  • Being a die-hard optimist, he will be resolute to keep the friendship going, even if there will be too many hurdles in the way.
  • He is an outgoing and diplomatic personality which is quite attractive and will get him many friends and acquaintances in his lifetime.

Libra as a Lover

A Libra moon sign born man is social, fair-minded, cooperative, and gracious. He will face no problems in getting numerous proposals to date. His gentleness and caring attitude will help him win over the opposite gender, in the first few meetings. Ruled by Venus, Libra Man is a born charmer, with just the right amount of romance and passion.

  • Libra man is rather flirtatious but in a good way. They are easy-going and playful and like to have never-ending conversations.
  • They are appreciative of their lover and are guided by sanity to make a thoughtful choice in committed love relationships.

Libra as a Husband

You are in for a romantic surprise if you are getting married to a Libra moon sign born a man. He gives a lot of importance to his marital relationship and will keep his wife before himself. He will be caring with a distinctive liking for the traditional way of love and marriage and is ready to be bounded in a long-lasting relationship.

  • He is full of life and will desire quality time with his spouse. He will be the peace-maker at home and can go to any lengths to avoid an argument.
  • He could be a bit lazy and indecisive at times, so a spouse who can take on the larger responsibilities of marital life would make for a good choice for him.

Libra as a Father

A Libra man as a  father is highly patient, kind, and affectionate towards his children. He is considerate and compassionate and will be peaceful in dealing with the notorious ways of his children. He is gentle yet firm in instigating discipline in his children and will teach the concept of justice and fairness to his kids well.

  • A Libra moon sign born father is an appropriate mix of fun and order in life. He is not a homely man and while he fulfills his duty as a father responsibly, he would need independence and ‘own time’ with friends, family, and spouse.
  • Being too lenient with children may make them unruly, at times.


A Libra moon sign man is a diligent professional. He is target-oriented and is determined to achieve balance in life. Libra man is good at striking a healthy work-life balance and performing both his roles with élan. They have good organization skills and are one of the warmest colleagues you will ever get to work with. They tend to work well in a group than in independent setups. Some fruitful professional for Libra man include lawyers, judges, diplomats, designers, and composures.

Libra Man as a Student

Libra moon sign male students are free-spirited and a little lazy, too. They will not take any initiative until they see a project submission deadline or examination approach. They need optimum and periodic motivations to get through their academic sessions.

  • It is difficult for them to stay focused for a longer time and thus they need somebody who can push them to concentrate on one thing at a time.
  • They are sort of indecisive and that shows in their planning for higher studies. They always come across as confused in choosing the stream they would like to take up, or the institute that they would like to get admission to.

Libra as an Employee

Libra moon sign employees make for hardworking and moralistic workers. Much like the nature of symbolic scale, Libra moon sign man is not swayed away by extreme optimism or pessimism. They know how to create just the right equilibrium in professional life to maximize productivity.

  • They have good convincing powers and excellent communication skills.
  • They work very well in group projects, creating a niche for themselves while assisting in delivering a quality output.

Libra as a Boss

As a boss, Libra man is highly imaginative and patient. They like hardworking and obedient employees. They are not impulsive and will take a good amount of time to form a decision. They want their employees to abide by certain rules and regulations and be loyal and honest. They are quite liked by their employees and provide for a friendly work environment.

  • He likes strong and sturdy subordinates and values good work. A Libra male boss will never hesitate to appreciate and reward a deserving employee.
  • He is a good listener and will be all ears to your valuable suggestions and feedback on any project, product, or service.

Libra as a Business professional

Libra moon sign born men make for mediocre business professionals. Due to their indecisive and careful nature, seeking a correct option will be a task for them. This may result in missing out on fruitful opportunities, at times. They do not tend to plan in advance and that may backfire in business-critical situations.

  • They are not impulsive and far away from being risk-takers. Any immediate information or inputs will put a break to his pace of work.
  • You will always find him in a state of dilemma, which doesn’t work very well in a dynamic business environment.