The Libra Woman Personality

Libra woman makes a caring, affectionate and gentle love partner. She is utterly romantic and sensitive by nature. Ruled by the planet of beauty and glamour Venus, Libra woman is attracted by things that are pleasant to the senses. She is also fond of luxury and lavishness, but is not materialistic.

As a wife, Libra woman is faithful and sincere. She lets her man take complete control in marriage. She doesn’t like unnecessary tiffs and disagreements. And this is the reason why she is likely to compromise and make adjustments for the sake of peace and harmony at home. But this is doesn’t mean that she will tolerate wrongness and injustice. She wants to keep things fair and equal. All Librans possess a natural love of justice and balance.

Libra wife adores her husband like anything. He will always be her top priority. She will make a dutiful and loving mother who will train her kids well to respect their father.

Positive traits of Libra Woman in marriage / Relationship:

Libra woman is sweet, affectionate and caring. She is extremely loyal, trustworthy and fair in partnerships. She is a peace lover and peace maker through and through. She is heartwarmingly sentimental and romantic.

Negative traits of Libra Woman in marriage / Relationship:

Libra woman become overly emotional and weak at times. Her strong need for partnership often makes her cling to miserable relationships and undeserving partners. She is too indecisive to quit unacceptable situations and conditions.

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