Libra Woman Personality

Libra is a sign of balance, represented by its scales & ruled by the feminine planet, Venus. Due to this balancing nature & the effect of Venus, the Libra woman looks for justice & fairness in all aspects of life. She is diplomatic and very romantic..

Libra Woman Personality


Libra women are very good listeners, perhaps the best ones out of all. However, she loves to talk about everything under the Sun and is a naturally curious soul. She loves to talk about herself as well as about others. Since she’s a social butterfly and loves to interact with everyone and know their ‘story’, she has the need to keep her social life active.

She’s pretty sophisticated so that means she’s not the wild party person, but rather someone who likes to have fun while increasing her connections, as she knows that this can come handy anytime required. Her personal, professional and social life are all important to her. She lives by the norms of the society and is seldom a rebel.

She’s also not the fighter type. Her style of putting her word across is by the sanest way of stating a logical and practical resolution without trying to stir up any conflict, besides, she aims to resolve them in the fairest and most peaceful way possible. She’s also someone who’d rather give in than argue with you over something trivial. She will not be provoked until there is unfairness in a situation and she needs to get it right.

She generally stands up for others, however, she might not easily stand up for herself even if she knows how to resolve it. She’s charming, intelligent and a problem solver. The Libra woman makes for an attractive personality. She is a good home-maker and a superb professional too.

A Libra woman can be indecisive and unreliable, at times. She may take a hasty decision and then instantly question the appropriateness of it. If she can tackle the challenges of life with patience and wisdom, she can live a highly content and happy life. Her partner needs to understand this trait as she might take hasty decisions in the relationship, and this is when he should be the wiser one.

Behavioral constitution of a Libra Woman

A Libra woman is charming, intelligent and elegant with a wild side. She is generally calm and hard to trigger but on some occasions, she might surprise everyone with her lashing out in case she’s been holding it in for quite long. But this wild side is not quite apparent and isn’t too upright, either. She is not the one to bring the house down but has her persuasive ways to get the work done, as per her desires.

Libra women are feminine, romantic and are extremely devoted. The Vishakha constellations that fall in Libra sign denotes the love story of ‘Radha & Krishna’, the ultimate love birds, and second constellation Swati, which symbolizes the first drop of rain that creates the pearl. This resembles the purity, beauty and fair character of these women. The last pada of Chitra falls in the Libra zodiac which give this women a very excusive personality- one who isn’t led by societal norms and isn’t scared to stand, live and fight alone.

She has a sense of right and wrong and is a humanitarian by nature. She tends to get depressed easily as she takes everything to be beautiful and fair, which isn’t the truth. Her perception of life is that everything and everyone should be fair, kind, helpful, and responsible in their ways which disappoints them as they realize that the world can be quite cruel and not as rosy.

Style sense of a Libra Woman

Libra is one of the most tasteful and sophisticated Moon sign women of the zodiac. Her style is classy, elegant and she chooses classic shades and prints.

  • Geometric patterns, or those that look elegant such as lace dresses, satin silhouettes, and classic shades like white, beige, cream, turquoise, grey, black, ivory, champagne, and wine are what they prefer.
  • These women might be fond of pearl jewelry and like to collect them as well.
  • She has a penchant for finer attires and might be brand-conscious.

Personal Life Roles

A Libra woman is kind, gentle and friendly and that allows her to make good personal relationships and keep them for a longer time, too. She is a die-hard romantic and will be constantly working towards improving and sustaining a relationship.

She likes sex and is quite good at it, which she couples with emotional bonding and the result is a hot, passionate and emotional involvement with her partner under the sheets. She doesn’t ever sit in a pit of oblivion and changes every gloomy situation by disconnecting with it for a while. She likes to stay optimistic, keep her relationships light, comfortable, and fun which makes her the perfect companion for every role she plays.

As a Daughter

A Libra Moon born daughter is loving and caring towards her parents. She treasures the time that she gets to spend with her mother and father and is pretty obedient. She is a calm, balanced and sympathetic girl. She doesn’t feel the need to rebel unnecessarily and will generally want everyone to keep the peace in the house in case of any arguments. She’ll often by found trying to tell everyone that things can be spoken much more calmly and logically instead of blowing it out of proportion, in case a situation like that occurs.

She has all the girly tastes and a curious mind. She likes to play with her dolls, pets and cooking sets.

  • As a young kid also a Libra woman strives to strike the perfect harmony in her life. She makes well-informed and righteous decisions, most times. And she might help you do the same.
  • She is highly social, with a balanced temperament and a strong sense of fair play. She maintains this sense of fairness with everyone equally, including her parents.

As a Sister

As a sister, a Libra woman is kind and generous. She is fair, earnest and a helpful sister. You can bank on her for guidance and support, and she will be more than happy to direct you to the right path. She would always want to make you happy and share the appreciation with you. She is also quite fun to be with and is a source of never-ending laughter.

  • She hates bullies and keeps her distance from them at all costs, and if you are being bullied she would always stand for you, but it is difficult for her to stand up for herself and thus she would require you to be her backbone.
  • She can be indecisive, uncompromising and superficial at times. But she would do anything to keep the bond intact.

As a Friend

A Libra Moon born woman may have many friends due to her gentle and sociable nature. She is liked by all which makes her sociable. She is also liked for her sense of unbiasedness and fair ways of dealing with things in a peaceful manner which makes her dependable and someone that others know will make fair choices and will stand up for what is right, no matter what the situation or who the person.

For her, the happiness and satisfaction of her friends are as important as hers. She is fair-minded and makes for very generous and helpful friends.

  • She is a loyal and honest friend, and you can trust her for balanced and effective advice in times of crisis.
  • It is generally seen that even while dealing with her rivals, she tends to come up with logic and tries to forge a way through her intellect, understanding and fairness as long as possible, after which she might just stop bothering. Same might be the case with arguments between friends.
  • She is a sort of diplomat as she wants to keep everyone happy and, thus, at times taking critical decisions may become a task for her. She knows how to share, care and have fun with friends and will make your life seem like a party, every day.

As a Lover

Being Venusian, Libra women are born romantics, much like Tauruses. They are also sensual and physical touch and foreplay is an important way of expression. Additionally to that, however, is her wild and passionate side due to her close proximity with the neighbor next to her being Scorpio.

  • This results in the perfect combination of emotions, sensuality and lots of chemistry. Love. There are emotions and spark inside the four walls of the bedroom where she explores all that she can. She’s gifted sexually so that reveals and prospers best with a compatible partner.
  • She connects very well with her love partner on both emotional and physical grounds and would be deeply committed in a relationship. In a relationship, she strives to create the right balance but lacks the initiative. This is because she expects to be pursued and wooed by a man.
  • Being a Venus-ruled, it’s needless to say she doesn’t chase anyone instead likes being chased.
  • A Libra Moon woman is faithful in love but would never share her feelings openly. She doesn’t express it all in a single moment. She never gives off everything in the first go. Little by little and slowly growing things between her and her partner is her style, even then, she’s not someone who reveals her feelings easily.
  • It puts the onus on the partner to understand her inside out, if they wish to make the relationship work, in the long term.
  • Sensitivity and patience are the keys to a Libra woman’s heart. She likes somebody who is well-groomed, compassionate and understanding with a good sense of humor.

Most attracted to: Aries & Scorpio

As a Wife

Infused with a lot of self-confidence, a Libra Moon born woman makes for a loyal and committed wife. The sense of security and fulfillment is of utmost importance to her, and she would do anything to make the relationship work. She craves balance and equality in a marital relationship and would want her husband to be as supportive of her as she is of him.

  • She is responsible and adaptable as a wife and makes for a perfect sexual partner. She is attractive, feminine and needs a partner who can be loving, caring and protective towards her.
  • She is very romantic and likes to bring creativity and freshness to the concept of love.
  • She is not argumentative but likes to put her viewpoint forward in a more sane and logical way.

Best compatibility for marriage: Aries.

As a Mother

A Libra woman is considerate and loving towards her children. She makes for a great friend and a role model for her kids with whom she likes to share all the joys and teachings of life. She wants her children to have the best of everything in life with extravagance and harmony at the core of it all.

  • Balance and consistency are the key for Libra Moon mother to raise her children well.
  • She deeply cares for her children and her relationship with them but will not be an all-sacrificing figure who doesn’t believe in having time for herself. She needs to replenish herself and take care of herself as well, in order to take care of her kids. She knows how to create a balance and will thrive on stability to have an amiable relation with her kids.

Professional Life Roles

A Libra Moon woman is a hardworking and loyal worker. She is not the one to sit idle and always keeps herself busy. She is patient and empathetic and has an altruistic side to her persona. Therefore, she performs well in profiles which allows her to make use of that human connection, such as doctors, teachers, human resource managers, or consultants and advisors.

Libra woman has a good sense of finances and though she has the taste for the finer things in life, you can trust them to save enough for the rainy days.

As a Student

Libra Moon women are peace-loving and meticulous students. She loves to study with friends and participate in group projects. She is fun and chatty as a student but that doesn’t move her concentration away from her studies.

  • You have a lot of ideas as a student, and you would like to share them with your group of friends to perform better in academics.
  • As creating an equilibrium in life is essential for you, you strive to have fun, score well, and also take part in co-curricular activities for overall growth and development.

As an Employee

As an employee, a Libra woman loves to work for a purpose. She is confident, ambitious, and considers work-life balance an intrinsic part of her professional life.

Though being determined souls, a Libra woman can do well in any profession she puts her heart and mind into, she will specifically fare well in domains that help her put to use her natural talent.

  • A Libra woman is creative, practical and cooperative to be able to thrive in a work environment that offers her enough freedom to explore her potential.
  • She has good communication and convincing skills which can help her succeed in the roles of advisors and counselors.

As a Boss

While working for a Libra boss lady and you may have a difficult time understanding what is going on in her mind. She is balanced in her approach and has an unbiased approach to work, which makes her quite a reasonable and sensible manager.

  • It is unlikely for a Libra woman boss to cultivate favoritism in the workplace and thus you can trust her to look at a dispute with a fair mind and reach an honest conclusion.
  • She knows how to make you comfortable. But she can be indecisive at times, which can hinder the pace of work.
  • Try to come up with ideas with good and clear reasoning and logic behind them to get them easily accepted.

As a Business Professional

Diplomacy, tact and charm are the strengths of a Libra Moon born businesswoman. However, her indecisiveness and self-indulgence can prove to be big barriers in her road to entrepreneurial success.

If she can adapt to these weaknesses and learn to manage them well, she can make for a successful entrepreneur with her intelligence, perseverance and smartness.

  • She can work pretty well in business partnerships with her refined collaborative skills.
  • She is charming with a strong sense of business ethics and while she is not the one to lose temper easily, you can see her losing control when she senses injustice or mean behavior. She is a good listener with an impeccable sense of organization.