Libra Boss

Libra boss is soft, polite and gentle. He wants to create a peaceful and balanced working atmosphere with no conflicts and disagreements.

Libra boss would love to partner up in business as partnership is the most pleasant state for any Libra on the planet. Although he can handle things on his own, he will never happy working all alone. If he is working solo, it is highly likely that he is in a continuous search for somebody who can complement his skills and talents.

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Libra boss keeps things fair and justified in the organization. You can expect a fair and equal treatment at office, whether it is delegation of responsibilities or awarding bonuses. His emphasis on keeping things fair and balanced, however, makes him think and procrastinate a lot. He might appear confused and indecisive sometimes.

Libra boss has a charming personality and gentlemanly demeanor. His dressing sense would be classy and polished. He might get a lot of attention from the opposite sex in the office.

How to impress the Libra Boss:

Libra boss is comparatively easy to impress. Libra likes loyal and faithful employees who are not very aggressive and argumentative. A balanced temperament combined with calm and peaceful thinking can take you to places. Since Libra is a natural lover of beauty and glamour, you shouldn’t mind paying a little attention to your office wear.

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