Libra Temperament

Libra Temperament

Libra represents balance and seeks a sense of coordination and proportion in all areas of life. You come off as a troubleshooter, one who can judge an issue from different angles and come to a conclusion that is fair for all.

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No wonder your mascot is a scale for your stand for balance and justice. You are a peacemaker and a peace seeker, prefer a calm, serene, and clutter-free environment.


Libra, the go-between

Your social skills are unparalleled; your character is harmonious, charming, fair, and compassionate. You have the temperament to handle people, your art of people-management is backed by skills of diplomacy and tact.

You are a very good listener and a good advisor too; you somehow intrinsically know what to say in a situation to settle it all down. Being governed by Venus, you are an amiable, witty, and intelligent person with excellence at finding the common ground.

You have the temperament to behave calmly and gently even in the worst of situations and all your utterances ooze a fair-minded and objective approach.

Libra, the Justice Lover

Libra has a strong sense of justice and fair play. Those born in Libra assign great value to principles, especially those that relate to righteousness and equality. You are very good at following rules.

Your fair-mindedness, objectivity, and ability to negotiate makes you a good fit in areas relating to law and judgment. As a child, you are good at resolving matters with siblings.

Libra, the innately aesthetic folks

Venus is your ruling planet awards you with artistic inclination. A talent of art forms such as dance, drama, literature, poetry, and music is common in Libra. Some are innately aesthetic and have the temperament to incline towards art forms that represent balance, especially design, patterns, and symmetry.

However, not every Libra becomes Robert Indiana or Shakespeare as it largely depends upon the planetary placement in the natal chart, and whether the Sun or ascendant is placed in an active sign or not.

Nonetheless, Libra does possess an appreciation for arts, and beauty and harmony are very important to them. Your homes emanate a sense of simplistic elegance and understanding of style and coordination.

Libra, a People Person

Libra is a sign of relationships, being tied to a social circle is very important to them. Not necessarily a partner, but you do seek a company no matter what mundane task you are doing.

You need constant communication; in fact, you function best when with others. Being among people increases your productivity rather than doing it all alone.

Libra, hurdles you face

Libra relies too much on relationships. Your need to have someone is so intense that you often marry early and fall for people easily.

Libra are known to be very romantic and often flirtatious because they strongly need a partner. Libra is decisive, but often mistake a domineering character for a strong person.

To maintain their relationship and seek the approval of others, Libra has the temperament to often fall victim to wavered judgment. They adjust their opinions to seek approval of others, get along with situations, and fail to assert their true self.

In an attempt to satiate your need to please others, you often forget to have your own needs met. Your attempts to make decisions on what others think and fear of being disliked often confuse you and make you indecisive. Nonetheless, if you try to bring forth your true uninfluenced self, life would be much rewarding.

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