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Libra Finance

Libra Finance -Right equilibrium needs to be maintained between expenses and saving by Librans to ensure a secured future.

is the seventh sign in the series of the zodiac and is ruled by Venus. If you are born with Libra as your moon sign, you are graceful, social, and refined in your manners. Libra's finance management reflects his innate talent to keep things in balance.

You tend to have a fair division of saving for the future and enjoying the present. You are known for your ability to strike a balance in everything you do and generally live a harmonious life.

You are highly intelligent and intellectual, however, that remains hidden behind your fun-loving and easy-going exterior. You possess great entrepreneurial skills however prefer working in partnerships as you dislike being alone.

You are generally prudent about your savings however, your love for luxury and beautiful things makes you inclined towards extravagance and indulgences in personal luxury.

Despite having a strong sense of balance, you are a bit indecisive and take time to decide on important financial matters. At times, you get overwhelmed and confused while making firm financial decisions which leads to unsteadiness in the area of financial management.

Libra Moon sign: Are you a Spender or Saver?

Libra moons, you are fairly good at balancing between saving and spending and your approach towards money are generally wise.

You are very creative and like to look at every possible angle before making a purchase. This habit allows you to make responsible and informed choices regarding your expenditures.

However, at times you go overboard and spend extravagantly and impulsively on lavish things, beauty, clothes, entertainment, and adventures like journeys and trips with friends.

At times, you spend your hard-earned money to show-off and have a sense of pride. You struggle to set boundaries for yourself and make careless and non-essential purchases, which makes a dent in your pocket.

Your indecisiveness makes you swing from one extreme to the other and you end up overspending in certain situations. Your dislike to be alone and the desire to please others, make you spend generously on your social circle and friends, which leads to the weakening of the Libra’s finance.

However, because of your strong sense of awareness, you are quick to check on your finances and regain balance and tighten your purse strings to get back on your feet.

Wealth Giving Planets for Libra Moon Sign

Libra moons, Venus, the ultimate planet of wealth and luxury rules the first and eighth house in your horoscope. If it is well placed in the birth chart, it strengthens Libra Financial stature by giving sufficient wealth to lead a lavish and luxurious life. It can give you wealth from spouse, inheritance, or sudden and unexpected windfalls.

However, if not in good dignity, there could be some hurdles concerning your investments and assets.

Mercury being the lord of the ninth and twelfth house and friendly to your ruling planet Venus could bless you with good luck and opportunities to earn wealth from foreign sources and journeys to foreign lands.

However, that is conditional on the strength of Mercury and Venus in your birth chart and on the Dasha/Antardasha (planetary periods) operating at a particular time.

Jupiter is considered to be a wealth-giving planet in Vedic astrology. It owns the third and sixth house according to your moon sign and could give you jobs involving short trips. It also indicates that your initiatives regarding wealth retention need to be strong and steady.

Moon is the lord of the tenth house, if well placed in your birth chart can give you good earnings through your career or vocation. If weak and having malefic aspects, it can create setbacks in the profession leading to disturbance in finances.

Apart from the above, Mars being the lord of the second house of money and the Sun being the lord of the eleventh house of gains and desires if conjunct in beneficial houses can lead to massive income growth and their Dasha and Antardasha.

However, that is contingent on a comprehensive study of your complete birth chart.

Tips for the Better Financial Condition

Libra moons, balancing skills come naturally to you in all aspects of life, and generally, you do not face any problems securing your future while comfortably spending within your means.

Indecisive nature needs to be taken care of to avoid a crisis on Libra’s finances due to impulsive overspending. You need to make firm decisions regarding your savings and investments.

You might always need to have a budget but you do need to draw a line between your needs and wants and ensure that you have sufficient funds set aside for rainy days, which could occur any time.

In decisions on finance matters, associating or seeking an opinion from a financially responsible person or an advisor could help you maintain the right equilibrium and save systematically and logically.

 Learning to say no and avoiding people pleasing could also help you with overspending or extravagant expenditures, which shall eventually help with wealth retention.