Libra Love

The Libra Lover

Libra man and Libra woman are ruled by the love planet Venus, which makes them a natural lover, and often an incurable one. Libra likes to partner up fast at every instance of good opportunity. Libra hates to stay alone for a long time and a romantic bond completes them. It’s not uncommon for Libra to fall with the idea of love before falling for a real person.

Libra lovers are seductively charming and attractive, and even idealistically romantic. Libra can behave rather unrealistic and crazy in love. They have a warm and soft heart and a sensitive nature. Their quick-to-enter-into-love approach often lands them in dangerous waters, leaving them lovelorn and wounded.

Libra is the sign of fairness, equality and justice. In partnerships, romantic or professional, they seek complete harmony, emotional peace and balance. Any kind of conflict and argumentative behavior makes them restless and anxious. It is natural for them, then, to make adjustments and compromises to sustain the peace in a relationship. Too much intensity and forcefulness can scare them off.

Libra individuals are admirers of beauty, luxury and glamour. They love to indulge in cheesy, sentimental romance. Love making with your Libra love partner will be sweet and sensual. Wild, forceful and intense sexual encounters might be few or absent altogether.

Understanding Libra Love Nature: Signs that tell a Libra loves you:

Libra man in love and Libra woman in love know the art of charming and attracting their love interest. Their romantic behavior is seductive, sophisticated and elegant. If they like or love you, they will do innumerable sweet romantic things that will sweep you off your feet. They are masters in chasing and pursuing their potential partners. They will come all decked up on dates and impress you with their classiness and mannerisms.

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