Libra- Cancer Compatibility

Libra is an intellectual & analytical air sign, while Cancer is a serious & hardworking water sign. The two can make for a great professional team. Despite the obvious differences in their ways of working, if the individual skills are utilized properly, this team can accomplish great things in small time.

Cancer adores Libra’s spoken skills, logical thinking, and decent etiquettes, while Libra is infatuated by Cancer’s hard work, dedication, and practical approach towards problem solving. These qualities indicate that a strong & meaningful bond may exist between the two signs.

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However, while they assist each other efficiently professionally, their priorities of socializing with each other may differ. Libra can easily catch everyone’s attention with their objective thinking and fair judgments, while Cancer avoids fun and friendship at work. Adjustments from either side are needed to let their association move to the next step.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Libra & Cancer both possess a deep emotional side that is usually waiting to be activated by the right partner. When in love, Cancer will transform into the most loving, sensitive and caring person, and the logical and analytical Libra turns into the cheesy and hopeless romantic. This love match will be filled with emotions and romantic ventures, all in full swing.
Libra’s charms and romantic gestures make Cancer feel extremely comfortable, while Cancer’s softness and sweetness fascinates Libra. Libra will dive head first with intellectual ideas of love, which would include from poetical words to candlelight dinners at beautiful settings. Cancer will step in with immense devotion, affection, and warmth for their Libra lover.

However, there will be enough challenges. Libra’s casual and flirtatious approach could hurt their sensitive and insecure Cancer lover deeply. Cancers are not overly doubtful, but are intuitive enough to sense & act upon any red flags or signs of distress in a relationship. In a romantic partnership with a Cancer, Libra should control their indecisive temperament in the matters of the heart. Cancer, on the contrary, would need to keep their emotions and mood swings in check, as it can be hard for Libra to deal with imbalance in any area of their life, let alone love.