Libra Libra Compatibility

When a Libra meets another Libra, the physical and mental chemistry is apparent and obvious. Nothing excites more to Libra than a professional or love partner who is likeminded and has shared life goals.

The love and beauty planet Venus is the natural ruler of Libra, and that makes natives of this sign have refined tastes, and an inherent inclination for beauty and material things. If their work or profession revolves around these things, Libra can contribute significantly to it.

Libra loves to work together in a team. Being an air sign, Libra is also logical, analytical and brainy. Libra loves deep and philosophical conversations with intelligent people. They also like to make new friends and socialize. Thus, Libra and Libra have fairly highly chances of becoming very good friends beyond work.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Libra likes to create harmony and balance in life, and even more so in romantic or love relationships. Ruled by the planet of love, beauty and luxury Venus, Libra loves to be in love. Love is, in fact, one of the most important things in the life of any Libra. Good and happy relationships, personal or professional, keep Libra at ease. When a Libra finds another likeminded Libra, the attraction that starts in the mind quickly escalades to all other levels of consciousness.

Libra will shower their Libra lover with many sweet and cheesy romantic gestures. Libra masters the art of wooing their partner, after all. Together, the two lovers will create many beautiful, loving moments.

When Libra falls in love with another Libra, commitment and marriage related issues are likely to surface rather rapidly. This is because Libra is the sign of partnership and marriage. It comes naturally to Libra to start making marriage and cohabitation plans even during the initial stages of the relationship. Libra is in a continuous search for their life long partner.

Sexual chemistry between two Libra lovers would be sensual, classy and refined. If other aspects in the natal chart match well, Libra-Libra love match would look nothing less than magic. It will have elements of passion, sensuality and loving promises, balanced with soft romance, poetry, music, and sprinkled pixie dust.

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