Libra Aquarius Compatibility


Before any of the rest of it, Libra and Aquarius would become great friends. Both Libra and Aquarius are rational, ever-evolving Air signs who love to have intelligent, brainy discussions over a wide range of topics. The Aquarius-Libra partnership would involve exchange of lots of inspiring, interesting thoughts and ideas. They would also love to socialize and make new contacts, although Libra would like classy, sophisticated meetings, while Aquarius would prefer cool, simplistic settings.

Both Aquarius and Libra are imaginative thinkers by nature. Aquarius has an innovative mind and profound ability to experiment, while Libra has a philosophical mind backed with powerful analytical skills. Beyond work, the natives of these two signs will have a positive impact on each other. If these two work together in a professional endeavor, there is almost nothing that is unachievable.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Air signs Aquarius and Libra can make a truly inspiring love match. When the natives of these two signs fall in love with each other, their love relationship has every sizzling ingredient in it – from like-mindedness, thunderbolt chemistry, great communication, understanding and togetherness.

A major part of the relationship will involve Libra expressing their heartfelt emotions and feelings to their Aquarius Libra lover and Aquarius sharing their farsighted, unbounded, imaginative ideas to Libra. In each other’s company, the two lovers are unlikely to get bored. Ever.

Ruled by love planet Venus, Libra has an over-idealistic view of love and relationships. Once Libra becomes sure of the basic compatibility with a partner, they want wedlock. However, Aquarius might appear a little too freedom loving to Libra. Aquarius would want to stay away from marriage related topics for as long as possible. Libra must not take this as a sign of disinterest. This relationship has sparks and fireworks.

Despite a few initial awkward pauses, things also look bright in bed. Libra craves for elegance and refinement. Aquarius loves to experiment and be a bit more playful than Libra. However, they can surely find a common ground in this area too.

Libra and Aquarius could very well be a love match made in heaven – the two lovers know it, and so does the world.

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