Libra Taurus Compatibility


Libra is a thoughtful and logical Air sign, while Taurus is industrious, patient, and single-minded Earth sign. They complement each other nicely as a professional team & are likely to succeed with excellence.

Libra is humble & polite and looks up to Taurus for their zeal, planning & calculative approach. Taurus has a fixed style of working, and admires Libra’s creative and imaginative approach.
Taurus takes time to analyze things & want to be sure before finally committing, but once there, they will most likely never step back on their decisions. As such, Libra’s habitual whining & complaining over petty matters can push Taurus away.

Libra is peace-loving sign who likes to avoid violent exchanges and quarrels. Taurus is usually peaceful, but can be pushed over the limits at times, which brings out their tough and deeply hurtful side. This can be a little scary for Libra to handle.

Taurus is an exceptional team player, yet Libra will enjoy teaming with someone who thinks & works like a Libra. The partnership of these two signs can bring mixed flavors to the table & a lot of unexpected things are likely to happen.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Taurus is a strong minded yet easygoing earthy sign, while Libra is a soft and lighthearted airy sign. The combination of Earth and Air elements may not be ideal, yet holds the potential to be a fun filled & long lasting match.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is the ruler of both these signs and triggers many common interests between them. Libra and Taurus admire beauty and a luxurious life. Shopping can be a fun experience for them together. These two are also peace loving & avoid conflicts & competitions in a relationship.

Libra has a distinctive charm that helps them woe the tough Taurus only with a smile. Libra falls head first in love and cannot hide or hold back their emotions. Taurus is practical and though the tactics of Libra would impress them, they would want to weigh every aspect carefully before committing into a relation. Once sure, Taurus can easily outshine Libra in expressing love through romantic gestures & efforts.

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